Romanian IBAN


Hi Revolut,

We are more and more in Romania, we already have many accounts and we can make the best advertising of your services, but we need and ask for to introduction of the Romanian IBAN, when it’s posibile


Hopefully it be soon


We’re working on adding non-euro IBANs!:rocket:


Romanian IBANs would be awesome!


+1 to this :smiley:

Would love to have a RON IBAN and also a US ACH with routing would be great too xD


Yes we realy need a romanian IBAN but a 24 caracters not a 22 caracters.


The local office just announced couple of days ago that you have passed more 100.000 Revolut users in Romania, being the 4th Revolut market with the fastest growth.

For sure this is telling something about our confidence in Revolut and maybe will make you speed up the process of implementing Romanian IBAN’s. :wink:


Does Romania use local account transfer details or do you guys follow the IBAN format in general just to make life easier?


We use the IBAN format for all accounts no matter of currency

Yeah we love this hahah


Revolut is Romania is pretty damn amazing. Everyone loves it but it looks like we kinda have an IBAN now. But not sure how that works. All my currencies share an Iban across all of revolut


tldr: It’s a personal IBAN so you don’t have to use transfers with reference numbers anymore.
It is still an international transfer if you send money to that IBAN.
For more information see: