Personal SWIFT!


I can see now that I have a personal SWIFT account! The beneficiary is under my name, and I don’t need a referral code anymore. Does anyone else have this? The IBAN seems to be the same accross all my currency accounts, as well as my personal EUR IBAN.

Romanian IBAN
We got a banking licence 🎉

Same here. Interesting development. Certainly makes things easier, but still no substitute to personal local accounts.


Of course not. But it sure is nice to not have to wait for the pooled account to process the transfers with the referral codes.


I received an email about that. I don’t know if you did as well.

I am just copying the mail text for everybody who missed it:

We just wanted to say sorry for all the times you’ve been forced to enter tedious reference details while transferring money. To help make it up to you, we wanted you to be one of the first people to receive our new unique account details.
Why we’re doing this
Over time, we noticed that a lot of people forget or incorrectly enter their reference number when making a money transfer. By giving you your own unique account details, we’ll remove the hassle and make it even easier to transfer money with Revolut.
How to find your details

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app
  • Tap on the More tab
  • Tap on Profile on the top right corner
  • Tap on Account details and select your currency
  • Your new account details can be found under the SWIFT tab

When you should use these details
Whenever you send or receive money from any of your currency wallets! You can also use them when you’re topping up via bank transfer using foreign currencies.
Your new account details currently support transfers in the following currencies: AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, NOK, NZD, PLN, QAR, RON, SEK, SGD, THB, USD, ZAR.

Don’t worry, your old account details will still work, we just think that this new process will be a lot easier and less time-consuming!


I didn’t get that email, thanks for sharing!


It seems, they modified their internal automatic money redirection.

So far, got the currency into the proper currency pool account, but reference number was needed to identify the customer, that you could screw up. Than they flagged that this money is yours.

Now you get every currency into your own account (name) and they automatically redirect it to the appropriate currency account.

Still probably technical accounts in the background, but that is just technicality, main thing is that you see your money in the appropriate currency. It is easier and more user friendly than send it to a pool account with a reference number, that you can screw up. Great job :r:

@dodobirdman just a little story about, why it is not called “Swift account”.
Swift is the organization that operates the international communication network for banks.
Bank/Business Identifier Codes (BICs) are popularly known as “SWIFT codes”. Basically your BIC is your bank’s unique identifier within the Swift network. But now companies can register as well, not just banks and called Business identifier codes, not Bank identifier codes anymore. So, every company/bank who registers into the network has an own BIC, like :r: has REVOGB21


@AndreasK regarding that last section about supported currencies with the personal IBAN: What happens if the SWIFT payment is in another currency?


this is really surprising indeed, free unique multicurrency iban for everyone is amazing. it opens a lot of opportunities!


Why have the addresses gone? I thought these were needed for SWIFT transfers. I don’t actually transfer money around the globe yet though so if someone could validate this for me.

I feel like with their banking licence announced it looks misleading to people that everything is stored with Revolut - not at Lloyd’s. It would be nice if could be made very clear that as nothing is stored with Revolut yet that the IBANs are just redirects @AndreasK.


even more misleading as our money is safer with the e-money licence than with the banking licence as revolut can’t touch it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Daidai for sharing the E-Mail!
I was surprised finding one IBAN-number for every currency-account but no info (neither per e-mail nor in the app itself!)

I also 2nd the question about the handling of these “one IBAN for all currency” - especially for currencys that can’t be send via SEPA (eg CHF)…

@AndreasK could you give us also a heads-up for the local IBAN-issue? (as mentioned by others in several threads now: one account with ref-number for local-topup would do the trick for many of us users)


As I understand, nothing changed with new IBAN. Money is stored as before. They are redirected as before then only eur sepa accounts was available for everyone


I got this as well. This fixes a major problem I had with transfers. My bank isn’t competent to format the reference correctly, so every transfer warranted a chat with support.


I just meant that the banking licence doesn’t make our funds more secure than what they currently are, but allow a new class of services and prevent brexit related problems.
the free personal virtual multicurrency IBAN otoh is simply awesome and totally unrelated to the banking licence.


I would argue it is safer, as the funds are now (going to be) protected under the common deposit insurance, whereas I do not think this applied under the e-money licence. Revolut was not allowed to access these funds, but I am not sure about the procedures if their backing bank went into default.


taken from the blog:

If you choose to open a full current account with Revolut Bank in the future, any funds you deposit will be protected up to €100,000 under the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS).

It’s worth pointing out that this scheme is not currently in place, so your current funds with Revolut remain safeguarded in accounts with a tier one UK bank, as per our obligations under the e-money regulations.


What are you trying to say by that?


That nothing changed except the virtual IBAN. Everything behind that is still the same.


They talked about 12months period from now on, on their blog announcement. So, it’s a long way!


That is why I wrote going to be.