Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

Google and Mastercard secret deal

Google & Mastercard have secret deal to track offline shopping to online ad clicks – report

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Revolut also already shows up as being supported on Google Pay in Belgium, Poland, Spain and Ireland on the website, though no official announcement yet :thinking: a bit strange


Really surprised by lack of noise about this from Revolut. Usually they keep going on and on about smaller features than this.
I think a lot more people would try Revolut if they know they can get free Vitual Card which can be added onto Google Pay for mobile payments. :man_shrugging:

Hmmm. They offer virtual VISA card (at least in PL), so this card cannot be added to G Pay…

BIN database lookup shows that my Premium MasterCard is from Italy although I am living in Austria. Why Italy? This is obviously the reason why I cannot use Google Pay? Why not Spain, Belgium or Ireland?

You might find this thread interesting.

Google Pay made today an Update and now my both mastercards work/could be added. Maybe some of you who couldn’t add their card should try it now :smile:


Lucky you! Does not work for me! What version do you have? From the Google Pay Store or some APK website? No notification in the app that they have enabled your card for Google Pay?

What’s your bin card number?

From Playstore:
Google Play Version 2.74.21
Revolut Version 5.15

BIN MC: 541348 & 527346

And no, no notification from revoluts side.

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When will Google Pay become available for Revolut users in Germany? Anybody knows?


Hi all I’m from Germany.
I can confirm it! Tested at night directly after the update to add my MasterCard (Standard version) without luck.

Today after i saw your messages i tested it again and it worked :slight_smile: I could add it!

My MasterCard BIN: 527346
Revolut App Version: 5.16
Google Pay Version: 2.74.212360432

best regards from Germany :slight_smile:




Also those who have a Maestro Card should try if they could add them my BIN which worked : 679835

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I wonder why the hell Visas are taking so long. Google Pay’s pages are listing Mastercard Revolut cards supported and Revolut Visas as unsupported.

I’m very sure they just started with mastercard duo the higher acceptance and you shouldn’t expect visa being available until they are out of (mastercard) beta.

Just ordered a new MC and still can’t add it to Google Pay :confused: the bin is 527346, which according to some users around here, should work.

Depends if you are a selected one. Or did you manage to add your another MC?

I have the same bin of my MC. Same revolut and gpay… no success. Probably beta tester group is broadening by Revolut.

Am I correct in thinking the standard Revolut VISA card doesn’t work with Google Pay? (I’m in Spain)