if you read my post just 4 posts prior: it’s coming by the end of this year soon™

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Honestly, I do not even care about a credit card from :r:. I would guess, that it is a minority who really wants a full credit card (but that’s just a personal guess). In my daily life I never had an issue with the cards that :r: provide so far. I think most people have another bank account and not only :r:.

I do have a backup AMEX in case I really need a “real” credit card or full protection from DCC. But that does not happen very often.

For everyday stuff I really like how you can handle your money with :r:.


I am not in the UK also, Bunq is available for all EU countries.

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Credit card from revolut will be introduced in december 2019 we must wait for this new credit product :slight_smile:

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Says who?


this is info from revrally

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So we’re basically back to “soon™”. :rofl:

For me the only reason to have “credit card” is to be able to rent car or pay a deposit in hotel. So for me credit card without credit will do.


For that functionality, the credit card is used to guarantee for a reservation, you need a line of credit.

If the cards company has to pay the amount for whatever reason, like no show, it either needs the line of credit to cover it or a positive, blocked balance of the relevant amount. The second one is what you currently have with Revolut, if a pre-auth is done.

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So you say that if I have 5000 euro on Revolut account and I need a deposit for car rentals circa 1200 euro, Avis/Hertz/Budget will accept Revolut as a credit card ?

I never tried to guarantee anything by Revolut as I don’t want to block any money but there are stores about this to work for some cases but not for others. Pre-auth on petrol sites as one example does work. But it can take time till the reserved amount is released again after completing the transaction.

It only works if the person at the rental does not see the “prepaid”.
As this happened to my friend who rented a car for our travel in Canada but he forgot the credit card’s PIN.
Car rental agencies usually reject prepaid cards and sometimes even debit cards.

In theory it should work. But a car is worth more than 1200 Euro, and whatever insurance you or the dealer has beyond that won’t pay in all circumstances, e.g. when you push the car off a cliff for fun or crash the car under influence. If it is just a deposit, this is all they can get without having to track you down in your country. If they also have your credit card details, they can try to get more.

From Hertz website “Prepaid / Electron / electronic use only / rechargeable / virtual / Maestro / revolving / Solo / Switch cards are NOT accepted as guarantee”. and “The use of a prepaid card is ONLY accepted for online prepayment, as we do NOT accept prepaid cards as a guarantee”


If you are a UK resident and rent a Budget car in the UK they will accept :r: cards and access a credit referencing agency to check you out before giving you the keys. I do this regularly :smile:

When you sign up for a Revolut account, are you required to get the credit card? I just want to use the account to move money between my UK Bank account (which is in British pounds) and my US bank account (which is in dollars) and don’t need another credit card.

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I may be wrong, but I hope I’m not: I believed that I had signed up to a prepaid card when I joined a couple of years ago.

I hope that this is helpful.

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Credit cards are not yet available because it is going to be a product offered by Revolut operating under the bank licence - which they are not yet.
Currently there is no further information than “it’s coming”.

No you are not. But you could activate a virtual prepaid card in the app just in case you need it for online transactions.

Thank you for your response. So the card you get when you open your account is simply a debit card?