Revolut Card in Cuba

hi all,

if someone could help me understand the basic principal of this card and whether or not I can use it in Cuba it would be great. Do you mainly use the physical card and only use your phone for topping up money with it ?
What about Cuba ?

From FAQ- you cannot use CUC, but in the theory you should be able to use CUP.


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To be very honest, apart from currency, in Cuba cash ist best. I was there last year. You can’t even rely on having a stable internet connection. So the terminal might be offline but most likely old. In our Hotel in Habana it was a mechanical one. The people checking out after us had trouble paying because the hotel called the card issuer to verify the card an noone answered the call dir some time.

TL;DR: Cuba is not the place to use credit cards.


The Cuba money situation is quite complicated, I’d advise you to read up on it on this guide to money in Cuba.

But the short answer is Revolut works in Cuba. You’ll mostly use it at ATMs though.

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I wonder why it would work with CUP and not with CUC, when the currency for tourism and foreigners is CUC and not CUP :joy:

It’s complicated. Unfortunately I think revolut cards are connected via US so it won’t work in Cuba.