Revolut and Curve

In the past they had some problems updating your place in the queue properly. Maybe that’s why you jumped up that high

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Would be very helpful for me to have Curve too. Basically to have 5 cards in 5 different places (as traveling through SE Asia)
3507 now :grimacing:

I think they’ll start soon deliveries to Romania so those from RO got in front Idk. Because is still decreasing

3548 for me. :slight_smile:
Same here - from initial 45k to 4k in one night :slight_smile:


I have a question about the currency of the Revolut account.
If I have 200€, and I will go in Norway where the currency is NOK.
I should switch, via Curve app, my Revolut account in NOK, right?
So all my money is converted in NOK? At that moment? With the Revolut’s exchange rate?
The exchange rate could be more interesting 2-3 days later, but I couldn’t benefit from this new rate?

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As far as I know, that’s correct!

Which country :thinking:
I’m curious if it is for some areas or they just shakes the bowl :laughing:

Yes that’s right :slight_smile:

Same as yours :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks :wink:
Not so useful

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a free user of Revolut and Curve, would linking Revolut and Curve increase my combined free cash withdrawal limit to £400/€400 per month, assuming that I’ve set the local currency to the correct one in Curve when travelling abroad?

If you mean by “linking” that you want to register your Revolut card inside the Curve app and withdraw cash from the ATM with the Curve card, then the Curve limit would still apply, i.e. €200.

Of course you could use your Revolut card to withdraw €400 (in care you are a premium user) and afterwards use the Curve card for another €200.

Curve consider Revolut to be a debit card. So as long as you set the currency of the underlying Revolut Card to match the currency of the domestic ATM (within the Curve app) then the only Curve limits are a maximum of 10 ATM withdrawals per calendar month, with no other charges.

Revolut will not charge either, as the transaction to Curve is not considered to be an ATM withdrawal but an online transaction.


Is there any particular value in linking a Revolut card to Curve?

I have both but not really seeing that there is much point.
That said, I have one of the earlier Curve cards which offer cash back at some retailers in the UK, although I am not there that much.

Does the spare change to vaults function work when linked to Curve?

One useful benefit of linking would be to increase your total fee free cash withdrawal limit from £200 to £400 (assuming you are not on :r: Premium and manage to set the currency for :R: within Curve to the right local currency).

As for the spare change function I’m not sure as I’ve not used it myself.

Yes, the spare change function in Vaults works with Curve.

As has been said, you get increased free ATM usage with Curve. And rewards if you’re in the UK.

Also the new Curve card is a full Debit card, no longer prepaid as is Revolut. So I find it’s accepted in more places, especially online. Works a treat with Uber, for example.


after you pass the free limit as curve charges a fixed £2 fee for withdrawals abroad but revolut charges 2%, if you withdraw more than £100 curve saves you money :slight_smile:

If you link revolut to Curve you can only withdraw 200 max, no???

Today I read about this Curve account. In terms of the free basic blue Curve card, and free Revolut card, you can only withdraw £200 free on each a month right? So that surely means that if you hooked up your revolut card to Curve you would lose out on Revolut free 200, leaving you only free 200 with Curve?

In other words keep both seperate to maximize 2 free 200 withdrawalls

No you won’t lose the Revolut free £200 as when you withdraw from Curve it charges back to your Revolut as an online transaction, not cash withdrawal.

So you can just withdraw to the limit from your Curve card, then if you still need more cash just move on to withdraw from Revolut card.

Thanks. Sounds awesome, unfortunately Curve is only for people in the UK.