Revolut and Curve

Hi all, one quick question.
If we add the Revolut card to the Curve app how will it work with fx transactions?
now i have no issues using Revolut card in USA or anywhere without EUR (being my currency EUR).
If i use the Curve card and select the Revolut card to make transactions will it consider the fx from Revolut or will it charge the fx as per Curve rules?
I know probably this is not a Revolut issue but maybe there are users in this situation that can help me.

thanks all

It will use the Curve rates.

Because :r: will see it as a “online” transaction

When they supported Amex I could withdraw for free at the ATM with Curve card. But if I withdraw with the Amex card I pay a fee of 4,5%

thanks, i guess then i’ll not use Curve for non-EUR transactions

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I’m basically in the same boat. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a Curve card. OK it can still be the only card to carry, but then you will have to pay exchange fees (let’s say for USD when your base currency is EUR). Although you maybe have exchanged some USD and have it sitting in your USD account in Revolut, you get nothing from it.
Kind of thinking now that I should remove myself from the Curve waiting queue.

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I use Revolut with my Curve Card all the time. If you want Revolut, rather than Curve, to handle the Fx exchange, then simply adjust the Revolut Card currency in Curve to the currency you want to purchase in. So, for example, when I’m in Europe I set my Revolut Card to Euro in Curve. When in the UK to GBP. When in Australia to AUD. Etc :):grinning:


That sounds easy. How often can you change the currency? Is there a limit? Do you have to wait some time until it’s working?
And what if you forget to change the currency?

It’s very easy. And you can do it instantly and as often as you want. :). The limits are whatever you’ve loaded in your Revolut Card and Curve has some limits too which are pretty generous after you’ve been a card holder some time.
And if you forget or make a mistake then Curve has a wonderful setting called ‘Go back in time’. This allows all transactions under a £1,000 to be switched to another currency/card up to 2 weeks after the transaction takes place.

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Interesting. At what time do you have to switch currency? When the purchase is done or when they charge the Revolut card?

Before the purchase is done generally. I normally leave my Revolut Card in Curve set at the currency of the country I’m in, or the currency of a purchase I’m thinking of making. The charging to Revolut from using Curve is almost instant. In fact I get 2 instant notifications at the same time, one from Curve and one from Revolut. If I forget or make a mistake then I use the Curve ‘Go back in time’ feature. It works a treat.


Cool. Thank you for your explanations. :slight_smile:

How does your Curve transactions look like in the Revolut-app? Do they show up as transactions from the merchant where you bought the item, or as transactions from Curve with Curve as a merchant? Could you share a screenshot?

It’s shown as Crv* plus the name of the merchant where the transaction took place. The location is always shown as London as this is the location of Curve’s headquarters. The transaction below was made in Malta.

It also means I can search for transactions and do audits both in the Revolut app and the Curve app. Sometimes Curve is better at using filters for searches.

And this is the very same transaction shown in the Curve app:

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Thanks! Do transaction also get organised by the correct spending categories in Revolut?

What did I did wrong :expressionless:

Got it. Not available for Romania. As usual :man_facepalming:

I can see on the screenshot that you are using your virtual Revolut card (at least by the name) and not the physical one. I was wondering which one I should use because the security feature of the physical card “location based security” would be useless when using with Curve because all transactions are coming from London, like you wrote.
So I’m also using the virtual card now in Curve (although mine is a Visa).

Yes I have linked a Revolut virtual card to Curve. You can link a physical card but then you would have to turn off the location security features for that card, as you say.

I’ve linked 2 different Revolut Virtual cards to my Curve app. One Visa and one MasterCard. Both work equally well. It’s just I’ve assigned Euro currency to one card and GBP to another, depending on where I am at the time. Also if I make a mistake in choosing the correct currency I can use the ‘Go back in time feature’ of Curve to change the transaction to the other card. Of course you can have one card and just change the currency in the Curve app as needed.


Why is it that you have the option to have a virtual MasterCard? I can only have a virtual Visa.

When I first joined Revolut (about a year ago) virtual cards were MasterCard. Now they’re Visa. That’s how I have both.

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Soon it should be possible to chose what kind of card we want. I hope that goes for virtual cards too. Soon we’ll see :slight_smile:

Idk what happened with my curve waiting list but I think someone from here loves me :laughing:

No. I didn’t spammed my friends :joy:

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