Revolut and Curve

Nope Curve also works in Germany / got my Card last month :smile:

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Those who live in the Channel islands can’t get one :confused:

Curve also works in Portugal

Would the POS machines pick the curve up as a credit or debit card? I know my Revolut is detected as a credit card on most machines except if the merchant has the options on the screen and can choose debit. There are some VAT benefits overseas with a debit but only if the merchant can overide the pos. With the credit no discounts.

Curve is a full debit card (not prepaid) but, in my experience, this varies from country to country.

When I was in Australia a few months ago my Curve card was treated as a credit card and incurred a surcharge in most places. Having said that the Australians seem to surcharge most foreign cards, credit or debit, leaving only home grown debit cards free of extra charges.

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My Revolut Mastercard worked really well in Australia - no additional charges. This only occured when i was intending to use my AMEX due to the nature that this is a native credit card (e.g. rental car).
It seems there is still no consistency in card usage abroad - interesting

Location security are on in my app
And it works with no problem
Is an online translation
Not a local one

And now they are mastercard again

Curve have a 1.5 markup on NOK then the market are closed
Revolut have 0.5

Travel to country where revolut have a markup on 1% and 2% then the market are closed
Like turkey
Then curve have 0% then the market are closed its 1,5
Save money

Or use both limit to get higher ATM withdraw free

And the higher spend with both card
In local currency

Use go back in time…

Hi, I’m sorry if I bother you in an old discussion, I’m Italian and I’m trying to understand the use of Revolut with Curve Card in extra euro countries. I’ve understood that I have to change the currency to the national currency of the country where I am in the Curve app, but my question is: In revolut app, do I have to switch some money from euro to the currency I want?

And after that, If I set the currency like the national one, I can withdraw 10 times per month without paying fees?

In Revolut you don’t have to convert (switch) anything. Revolut will do the change at the best rate. Unless you think the rate in your extra euro currency is particularly favorable at one moment, then you can convert any amount and Revolut will pick the money from it to pay anything in that currency.