reset pass code

hello, I need to reset my passcode to use my only one card, but reset option fails all the time. How can I change my pass code if I can not access to my profile?

Many thanks.

Looking to the FAQ for you:

Forgotten your password to access the app?
No problem, it’s really easy to reset. On the main page where you enter your 4-digit code to get into the app select ‘Forgot?’. Enter your mobile number, then select ‘Reset Password’. You will be asked to enter your last top-up amount to Revolut accurate to the cent/pence (e.g. £200.00/€200.00), or the last 4 digits of a top up card that you’ve added to the account. If you can’t remember just check your bank statement. Then you should be able to change your 4-digit passcode.

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We selected ‘Forgot’ option and enters the right mobile number then select ‘Reset Password’. During the next step it constantly ask for PIN code of pay card. But, this is the reason why I want to login. Does it exist any working solution to reset password for mobile app?

As far as I remember the app is asking about card which was used to last topping up (NOT Revolut card). I hope you still have this card.

We successfully solved the login problem with Helpdesk over mobile application.
After a short discussion we got a link for application PIN reset. So, the mobile application works fine now.

All the best!

Thanks for reply! Yes, we have the card which is associated with account. This card never been used. We tried to reset pssword several time yesterday and today morning. Currently when we enter the associated mobile number then we receive following alert message: “Too many failed security question at the moment.”

Also the selfie with ID card already has been sent two times…

I have a serious problem. similar to this one mentioned in the topic

my revolut app no ​​longer shows fingerprint recognition.

and the pin I remember putting it is incorrect.

it doesn’t make me reset the pin.

he always says there may have been an error. after i reset it.

I have urgent payments to make and I must not be able to have the pin reset


This is a user community no Revolut support here.

Hi, How could you reach the Helpdesk? Or could you type the link of app PIN reset, please? Thanks a lot.

How to reach Revolut support without access to the app can be found in the linked topic in my post just above yours.