Request: Please implement a status page


A general outage like today, with all your systems going down causes unneeded concern for us customers. Please implement something like with status updates and specific information, rather than just tweeting that there is a problem which will be resolved “soon”. It would be much more useful and reduce the number of very frustrated customers with declined transactions deciding not to trust Revolut.


Also worth noting Starling sends SMS when an issue starts with there status page link. eg:


This how the problem should have been handled.

Post on the forum to say what the issue is and reassure us that the team are working hard to fix.

Post on social media same.

Leave the live chat open however place a post intro saying we’re having issues and will provide updates on the forum and social media.

Send out an email alert and if possible a phone notification.

Once resolved update us users. Let us know what has been done to prevent further issues and apologise.

Instead you just left us high and dry. Paying users PAYING!!!

This is not on.

** note

Payments are processing again now and suddenly the chat is working and you can tell customers all is OK. This is a lesson on how you shouldn’t do support!


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