Service Status Section

It would be great to have a service status section in the app and also the website.

This would be great if it was broken down by sub service like top ups, exchange, atm withdrawals etc with a traffic light indicator to advise if that sub service up or down.

At the moment we have to rely on the in app support which can take a bit of time to reach during busy or outages times. Having this service status section would relieve the surge of support contacts and allow support staff to concentrate on other issues and also be able to respond quicker to end users.



Would like to see this as well.

That would be awesome but I think there is only full or no service as far as I see it. Prove me wrong but if there is a problem with the transaction server there is no chance that any form of payment is working. The intern features from :r: like top-up and exchange rates could show a service indicator. That would be great. Thanks for sharing that idea !

I’m not sure whether there’s any ban on this forum for linking to any competitors, but if you look at Monzo’s status page, you can see that a status page is quite useful.

The operations of a bank is not just transactions. It could range from topping up, to the mobile app interfacing with the back-end, or even whether the 24/7 support system is online.

Interesting ! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure that :r: can rather take that as an example for what the customers ( we ) meant by that. I’ve never noticed that status page from Monzo.

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Isn’t this considered yet, @revolut? :confused:

Monzo (, Starling ( and Loot ( all have this. Would definitely help with confidence.

Also useful would be push notifications when there’s a known outage, so you don’t try to use your card only to have it declined. Posting on Facebook isn’t very useful…


+1, absolutely needed

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Bump. This is vital for any service, especially one that deals with finance!

Real example: I sent a Faster Payment yesterday, and it didn’t immediately hit my account. It was a small amount, so I wasn’t worried… but I then sent 2 extra payments, and they didn’t arrive immediately either. Panic could easily have set in if these test transactions were client monies in significantly higher amounts!

Whilst this case may have been limited to the Faster Payment clearing network (which, granted, can take 2-24 hours - although is usually instant), having a status page to verify that all systems are a go would provide some added assurance that there isn’t a technical block somewhere that could be causing problems.

It would also help users make preemptive decisions – say, to avoid topping up if the card facility is down, or sending repeated messages to customer support about known issues.


We still dont have status page. :frowning:
Common Revolut. Some other fintech do have it and it works great for informing ppl is issue(s) fixed or not.