Remove 0.5%/1% weekend markup for card purchases by delaying FX until Monday's WMR 4pm London fix

No, it’s a very plausible assumption on the basis that insurance to cover market risk is generally not commercially available. The most common way that a counterparty protects against market risk is by hedging, and there’s no evidence that Revolut does anything more than adds a markup of 0.5% or 1% depending on the currency pair.

There is an insurance for everything if you want. And none of the services Revolut uses are “generally available”.
Also, every business carrying significant FX risks does hedging. To assume a fintech startup handling billions of customer money just takes arbitrary risks is unreasonable. Especially as there is evidence that they do mitigate the risk: the 0.5/1%. There is no other justification for this, especially not what you describe: It does nothing to eliminate the big risks. And for everything else it’s unnecessary as wins/losses are in statistical balance.

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It is quite possible that the market risk between the weekend transaction time and the time that liquidity restarts on Monday morning is borne by Revolut’s liquidity provider, which in turn also retains the 0.5%/1% weekend markup.

Hello, can u please help me, I’m travelling to Vietnam in 2 weeks and I don’t know how to use revolut properly, so they won’t charge me anything. I’ve read that VND is a very imbalanced currency. Also: which ATM can I use in vietnam to get my money in vnd? Is it okay to pay with Revolut in shops and restaurants in Vietnam??
I have a revolut mastercard card (couldn’t get revolut visa to poland). Any tips will be helpful please!! Thank you

Check this thread for ATMs in different countries: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Be aware that this list is created and fed from the community, some ATMs may not be fully updated, or there might be others which are not included yet.

Revolut will apply a better exchange rate and no fees on the exchange between the currency in your account (may be more than one, e.g.: EUR and USD) and the currency you will pay using the card.

Note that during weekends, a markup applies.

More details on exchange apart from the Community itself:

EDIT: Additional links you could find useful to know more about how :r: works

Completely agree. At the moment it is very opaque and almost underhanded.