Refund after disable the card


I don’t know if i will receive a refund received in a card (after i disabled it)…

I paid with a card in online shop, after this, i disabled the card, usually the card is disabled and i enable it when i need it…

But the shop will refund it in some moment (i dont know when), my question is … i will receive the refund in the card or Revolut will reject it ?..


Merchant refund prior to card being lost

Hello @jagmagana,

Having your card disabled it doesn’t affect outstanding refunds. The refund will reach your account within 3 - 4 working days after the merchant’s release.


Andreas K.


Perfect, … This weekend I asked the same question in support and received a different answer (i attached conversation).


We apologise for this miscommunication. If the card is only blocked by your end you can still receive a refund that;s not a problem.


Thank you very much for your clear answer.


My pleasure :slight_smile:


Andreas K.