Proven Debit card taken as Credit

I made a top up with a debit card and got charged with a credit card fee. Chat support took 3 days to ask me for a prove of my bank showing I used a debit card. I did send the prove.

Now they say that it is credit - I don’t have credit cards - meaning that every time I make a top up with the debit card I will get a credit card fee, then why do I want a revolut account to avoid bank fees if I’m getting a fee anyway for a debit card?

Please, give me my money back and cancel my account with you

Hahaha! I just used another debit card and got the same credit card fee. Either there is something wrong with your system or you lie to your costumers.

Yeah, use Revolut, you will not get any fee at all if you use your debit card! Boom, first thing I get is a fee, second thing, another fee. Awesome

Please search this forum, this topic has been discussed here before. Including some background informations about what is going on here and what you can and cannot do about it.

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