Premium Card Delivery

Is there any general ETA on where premium cards will be posted?
I am still seeing Reserved Mar 25 :slight_smile:

Looks like another 3 months. I’m not personally too worried about the particular card I’m using, but am starting to wonder if a product that wasn’t yet ready has been released (what with all the extra features - coming later…)

@dd17 premium is complete. It’s very normal for Revolut to add or remove
services as they see fit. You’re looking at it as a glass delivered half
full. The glass is full, Revolut can, in the future, use a bigger glass and
fill that one… The promise of additional future features does not mean the
service is incomplete. Revolut are an incredible start-up -keyword startup.
Let them experiment and they will blow you away

It’s not a complaint and in fact, I do like the product and I’ve signed up to Premium myself :smiley:

I just got the impression from other threads that there’s a lot planned in the pipeline (but not yet present), and when including the card delivery delays - it could appear from the outside to have been rushed out a little earlier than perhaps ready.

This could unfortunately have the adverse effect of making the initial offering appear weak to those who might potentially upgrade now, when as you say, there’s a lot of potential there for the future

Is there an updated ETA on when delivery of the premium cards will begin?

Think another month or two at least.
Hope it will be faster, as N26 is planning to roll the black account in more EU countries which has a better travel insurance (and free ATMS). Otherwise Revolut will lose cistomers to N26

The premium features are already enabled on your old Revolut card. The rollout of the new card has nothing to do with Revolut potentially losing customers. Nobody is leaving Revolut for the piece of black plastic.

N26 doesn’t offer currency exchanges and accounts the same way Revolut does. Every service has its merits. Revolut is doing really well. Operationally they have to tighten a little as they have started expanding but are neglecting some bugs.


Give this guy a medal @smanor! :trophy:

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Well, the thing is thst N26 already offer Debit cards and Revolut not. The insurance thst N26 offer is quite better than Revolut so it could be possible that customers would change

Those who want to use it fir daily base will have more benefits from N26 then Revolut, thats why it would be great to see a fast rollout if the IBANS

It is nice to compare Revolut and N26. However, N26 is limited to fever countries than Revolution. E.g. they are from Germany, I live in neighbour Czechia and I am not allowed to open an account with them. :slight_smile:


Agree! N26 is pretty limited currently :slight_smile:

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