No sms received to register

i try to install de app in my new phone, and i dont receive sms or email.
I can’t acess to the chat of the app.
Could you help me.


Even i have this issue, i’m signed up and can get into the app but on the web i dont get the sms. I get notification on app that someone is trying to login which is funny.
Why cant i get in on the web?

Did you check your mails? If you’ve got your mail address verified, the security code is sent most likely that way.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes i checked my mails and can say for sure i did not get any. also checked the spam folder.

Hey, I have the same problem! Been trying to log into my Account but no text is received with the PIN number. Nothing comes through! I really need my revolution working soon! Please HELP! Michal