No sms received to register


I tried to register, so I installed the app (last version on android).
I put my phone numer (french one) but I do not receive any sms to validate.

could you help? thanks


Put the phone number (linked to revolut app)
Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-16-38Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-16-38.png1440x2560 230 KB
Put PIN to the app
Choose “I don’t have a message” (or something similar :grin:)
Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-20-04Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-20-04.png1440x2560 163 KB
Choose “live support” (or something similar :joy:)
Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-20-40Screenshot_2017-12-24-08-20-40.png1440x2560 187 KB

I am sorry, please read this here:
Can't access account cos can't receive SMS (second method)


Hi there.

Do you need help?


Hi! I have the same problem in Sweden. Tried four days in a row. Anything I can do? Thx!


Can you please send me a direct message?


Yes, sure. But to be honest, I can’t figure out how to send a direct message to you.


Click on my profile -> Messages.