No-one is responding to me on chat??

@rafael_revolut my account are blocked with all my money… And already 3days nobody don’t answer. Blocked without warning or reason. And nobody don’t explain nothing. I need my money.

Hi my account was blocked for no reason I mean i don’t know the reason so far and I need money which i have on that card. What should I do? I am waiting 3 days for an agent to reply on my message. Its really urgent. I do understand the situation linked to coronavirus but I also need to set it up asap. Is there any way to speed it up? 3 days is way too long to wait.

I’ve submitted death certificate and filed out a survey monkey some time ago as well as email help@ but have heard nothing, this is very poor service
i guess these mails go straight to trash…
my next move will be Paul Lewis on BBC !


Dear All
I have been told that my account has been locked pending an investigation being done by Revolut due to some fraudulent activity on my account where money was transferred from Revolut account to another Revolut account

At this difficult time by locking my account and also preventing from selling the shares I own in my USD account with wallet you have tremendously inconvenienced me. Please find a solution to both the fraudulent activity and how I can sell my holdings. I cannot access any portion of the app and the chat history records that my account is locked and I should expect a response in 48 hours. 12 hours have elapsed so far.


Hi rafael i sent payment to Name: FASHIONCENTERONLINE GMBH may 13 2020 and it said it refunded back to my philippine account could you please help
Me verify External reference: PET554350134

Hello, my account was blocked after I had offered them all the details that was requested and no one responded to me on the chat. And now my account is deactivated while I had more than 1000£ on it. Why?

Hi @rafael_revolut

Please look into my case. I have had £4849 GBP stolen from account and transferred to another Revolut customer Adam XXXX

The fraudster managed to hack my Revolut account and transfer money to Adam XXXX

There is ver little support or feedback from Revolut since the money was sent by the fraudseter from within my account to another Revolut customer (Adam XXXX)


Please help. My business account says I cat exchange currencies? I exchanged no problem a few weeks ago and now
It say this feature is not launched? Please advise

You guys need to use the Revolut for Business support chat. You’re not going to get a reply here.

Hi Rafael, I am locked out of my account for more than a week!!! Can you prioritize people that can’t access the account???

me too I hava a Primum Account and waiting since 2 Days to get answert about my account status.

I hope someone can help me here

Hi @JessicaZ I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks already with no answer on the chat. I sent my documents but still have no access to my account.

How do I post a question? I came here because I have a problem but now I have a new problem. There are lots of discussions here but I don’t see a button to start a new one.