No-one is responding to me on chat??


No-one is responding to me on your online chat facility at the moment. Is it down at the moment?


I am waiting for the answer more than 24 hours :slight_smile:


Survey time! In the last month who has answered the chat?

I’ve got only two names:

is there anyone else? Obviously 2 guys aren’t enough to cope with everything

Update: 6+1

  • Giuseppe
  • Lily (onboarding)
  • Luigi
  • Marek
  • Rafal (aka @rafael_revolut)
  • Roman
  • Yevhen


I had response from Roman and Marek but nothing came out of it yet. 3rd day and counting.


I just met Luigi, 5 and counting


I had talk with Yevhen :slight_smile:


tried now for several days, it’s real a poor service in this area


I know there is a Lily on the advanced onboarding team too.


Hello lovely people of Revolut community!

There are different divisions within customer support team and depending on the issue you are reporting response time may vary as you noticed. We do our best to reduce the waiting time but it is not always possible to respond immediately. I am sure that anyone who will be assisting you will take utmost care in helping you out!

Best regards,


Justine and Pola have been very helpful for me!


It’s a bit scary to see that you have to wait 24h or more for getting answer from a bank. I hope those with a real problem wait less than 1h.
I wonder how long Premium member can wait.


The current :r: support team isn’t correctly sized ( A LOT of new customers over the last few weeks, they are in the process of hiring more people )

It’s not perfect but it should be better over time, just be patient :slight_smile:


Personally, my level of patience is directly relative to the ease at which I can use my own money. I have been waiting for support for 6 days, with no response at all. In a few more days I will be unable to make transactions (new phone number, so cannot access the site - no alternative 2FA offered by Revolut, which is surprising). I really like Revolut, but am increasingly concerned.


6 days is indeed too much. I’m sure @AndreasK or @rafael_revolut will make sure someone gets back to you very soon.


I am waiting as im going away today and I am still wait for confirmation for activating my card


contact revolutapp on twitter, they are the most effective whipping CS


Please I need somebody to support me. I sent some money kind of 10 days ago the recived never got the money so I found out the bic code was wrong what can I do to have my money back?


Hi @Tali !

Was the transfer executed from your personal or business account? Usually, transfers to wrong details should automatically bounce back but it takes time, especially for SWIFT payments.



Please help me, im going to kenya tomorrow and need to use this card, I have been waotjng 2 days for my card to be activated , on the main screen it comes up as ‘lets make sure your Michael…’ but when I click on it nothing happens .


I have the same problem. Chat assigned to Abi and no answer.