No-one is responding to me on chat??

report them to the financial ombudsman, please. the more the merrier. it’s the only way :r: will start taking its responsibilities to their business customers seriously.


Hello, no one’s answering me, too. I’ve got incoming transfers waiting. Several days without a reply for business. It’s unbelievable. What are you doing at the Revolut?


After weeks finally one of your colleague sent me a message through app and later I received an e-mail of the conversation record asking me for clarification and documents.

But as I we both already know from previous conversations that my account was locked for ‘security review’ so that I couldn’t log into it to response to your colleague.

I tried from the morning to contact via live chat anonymously but after twice the persons said will ‘transfer to relevant team’ it stayed ‘Looking for an agent…’ for more than 7 hours with nothing.

Please, it’s by the end of month now. I haven’t paid our employees and suppliers this month.

Can you let me know how can I response to your colleague to send the messages and documents he’s asking for?

Thank you.

Dear Revolut community representatives, we need URGENTLY your support. Our business account has been blocked in the beginning of the month and there are only automatic replies on the chat - robot replies which say our account is temporary locked…

Account is registered on Miro Gospodinov, CFO Win Win Lettings with registration number 09699957 Account is still blocked up to today. With the current COVID-19 which has impact on our business revenue, the blockage of our account is detrimental for our business. WE NEED YOU URGENTLY TODAY TO UNBLOCK IT! Next to not only answering to us on the chat, we can’t even access our bank statements, which are needed for us to request government loan to support our business in COVID-19 situation. WE NEED YOU TO UNBLOCK OUR ACCOUNT TODAY! VERY UPSET with the service, we are your clients for multiple years…

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