No-one is responding to me on chat??

What is the longest time I can expect to have to wait? I am preparing for the worst but I also would like to know as the in-app chat tells me it is a 48-hour wait but it has now been over 138 hours, which is almost six days’ time. I have been scammed and I require support.

Hi there! Can you clarify if the issue experienced is regarding a personal or business account? @yumikowong

@AndreasK @Revolutbusiness I’ve been waiting on the chat looking for an agent for days. Surely it can’t take that long to find one? Please help me

@Revolutbusiness Hello I have canceled an SEPA transfer and from that point the app just blocked itself asking me to contact support which I have done right away. After explaining the situation the live agent I was talking to told me that he had to transfer our chat to a more compatible agent… since then chat headline shows “Searching for a new agent…”

An update on this would be very helpful. Thanks

Waiting since 3rd of January, stuck in compliance just because I changed my address.

I have at least 300 to 400 pounds in that account, all I want is to be able to get my money back. Had Margaret in the chat which did not help me at all, even though she asked questions and I provided to her all she needed it. ID documents, proof of address, payslips…

Having same problem.

"Thank you for waiting, in this case, I will escalate our chat to a relevant team. " That is last message I received from Boris and now chat is “Looking for an agent…” more then 72 hours. No one responding nor I can open a new chat. No response from email to.

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I have been waiting a week as well, can you contact me? How do I post a topic here?

It is my personal account.

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We’ve sent you a private message so we can better discuss this. Please check your inbox.

Hi there! We’ve sent you a DM so we can better talk about it!

Hi there!

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with your account. Depending on the situation, it might take a bit longer to get a response. We can only apologize for any inconvenience that it might be causing you but we guarantee you that our relevant team will do their best to reply as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Revolut Team

@Revolutbusiness I have business account which has been disabled ‘for security reasons’. No one has asked for any additional documents or anything and there haven’t been any transactions in the last few weeks as we usually only make transactions on a monthly basis (which had all been cleared previously with the Revolut compliance team) - it makes no sense for the account to be locked, a normal bank would never do this.

In addition, no one is responding on the chat, which is perpetually ‘looking for an agent…’ which I can only guess is because someone in the Revolut team has switched my chat to ‘do not disturb’ or some other tool you have to ignore customers… Absolutely one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had in my life. Please can someone respond?


I still got that “Looking for agent message” on the chat and no one responding. Now my account is disabled and no one even talking to me. Do you understand that there is responsibilities that companies own and we do need to pay suppliers and bills to keep our business going? How can you hold funds and provide no information for weeks?

Safe for me! They blocked my account and I’m not getting a reply! I’ve deposited over 1000£ and I wish to withdraw the remaining funds as they are causing many issues for me blocking my account! It’s been over 24h since I’ve been trying to talk to an agent and no replay! Very disappointed with the customer service!


Hello, my account has been blocked and I have written to support in-app since yesterday but there is no reply. Can someone please help me, this is urgent. All my funds are in my Revolut account and I need access. Please!

Ive been waiting over 96 hours for my account to be reverified, this is draining because being a student in the uk and using this account as my primary account for pounds has become quite an issue .

Any advice?

9 days later, still nothing, no request for documents.
I have never heard of a business that can function for 9 days without having access to their funds. Instagram account has blocked anyone from commenting. Support chat just says looking for an agent for the past 6 days.
This is not ok.

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I have waited well over 10 days for checking of funds, once they arrived on the account.
It cause serious issues (I was buying a house) and a substantial financial loss to get a different source of funds until my account got unlocked.
Nobody would give any sort of feedback (App., this forum, …) and this aspect is the worse part of the "service"as you don’t know why it’s taking so long or how to mitigate the problems that are being caused as we have no visibility.
I like Revolut, but can only use it for “non-serious” spending; tried to use it for the bigger things in life… but got burnt…

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I have been waiting more then a week as well and my business account is blocked or does’t work or whatever happened and no one from the bank contacts me!

How it can be ???

hello how can i contact customer support? the telephone number on your web page is suspended, the female voice says the number is fraud or something. and i have lost my phone (stolen) and the telephone number in it so i can not access the chat.

i´m stuck, i have messaged revolut on instagram too as i dont know where to send email or where to call. can someone give me an email / telewphone number?

or should i really just send an paper letter to their address in uk???

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