New Phone No

I Andreas. It seems that I have more or less the same problem : I broke my old phone, and I have now a new one with the same SIM/phone number,but unable to log in for now.
Thanks for your help

Hi Andreas, im trying to send you a PM but i cannot find where to send it…
Will appreciate if you can help me to solve the prob. I have sort same issue as above. I used a phone number in France which i bought a sim card when i was travelling in Europe. It was 1 year ago and i cannot remember what is the number. I tried several times to connect but without the phone number it seems not possible.
Could you please give me some advice ?

Thanks so much
Stay safe

Hi, I have lost access to my account as the app has logged me out and it seems that I can only make a new account. I have changed my phone number and want to be able to log back into my already set up account. Can you help with this?

Hi there,
i got the same problem, lost phone and phone number. The app ask me about the previous phone number but does not accept the code.
Could you help me?

Hello, I need your help too. I had change my phone number and I lost my old SIM card . I’m still use my Revolut but I have to change my phone number but they send a code to my old number which I losted.

I am having trouble changing my phone number in the app. it asks me for a verification code that is sent to the phone number I no longer have access to.

I have lost access to my account as the app has logged me out and I tried all my numbers that I ever had but i can’t seem to login. I want to log in back to my existing account. It would be so much better if I can do all authorisation through my email as my phone number keeps changing according to where I am. Please help with this!

Hey I have similar issue here. Not sure if I had been using different phone no though… it was a company one (stupid me) and now that I’ve swithed to my personal device and number cannot login to Re. Everytime it wants the authentication and nothing goes on afterwards. Could you please help me get my account back??? Thanks a ton!

@AndreasK please help me to recover account

I have problem I recently changed my mobile number and I cannot login to Revolut as I don’t remember old number I have acces to my email. Please help me to sort things out and get back Access