Metal Card



I’ve been waiting the metal card for more than month.
I was in the queue 23000 and now just 20638.
I’m seing people on this community getting the card faster than others, and of course way faster than me.

Could you please tell me the reason ?
should i pass premium and ask for the metal to get it faster ? but in that case it’s no sense…

Thanks in advance.


Moving forward in the queue >2,300 positions in one month is quite fast, based on my queuing experience. I believe that Revolut receive Metal cards in batches, so from time to time you might see your position in the queue surge forward.

I don’t think this will improve your chances of getting a Metal account faster. Premium members were given priority when Metal was first announced, but I don’t think any new Premium accounts are allocated a higher position in the queue.


I’ve just seen on Revolut’s Instagram story that colour Metal cards are on the way…

From this teaser photograph, it looks like the card will be available in gold, rose and silver. They also seem to have a glitter effect:

Personally speaking, if these were available when I ordered my Metal card, I still would have chosen black :laughing: however I can definitely see their appeal.

I’d be interested to read what others think about them :thinking:


It’s nice to see that they improved it , if you look at those :smiley: :


The question that remains: Will they remove the silver premium card design as well? Just like they did with the silver/black design when metal went live.


That would make sense. Else it downgrades the Metal Card.


I want the silver and black premium card back :pensive:


I have one. :laughing:
However, for everyone who is Metal Card client I hope they fix the wear & tear issues.


If they remove the silver premium design they really have to come up with new designs :expressionless:


Hello Burns,

Well you were right about!