Metal Card

Having decided to give in to hype and because I like the new metal card I want one.

After upgrading to Premium how long before the option of metal appears on the app?

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You should see the Upgrade option immediately but you still can’t order a Metal card until they get a new batch in. So you can upgrade but cannot yet order the physical card until they announce new stock is ready.

BTW, can’t you now also upgrade to Metal direct from Basic? I’m not sure if there’s any need or advantage to upgrading to Premium now if you actually intend to order Metal. It was the original run of 10,000 cards that required Premium but future allocations should be open to Basic also. Maybe they will prioritise Premium over Basic for card orders but for future orders it shouldn’t be exclusive to Premium.

Didn’t have metal option for upgrade pre or post upgrading to premium. Knew cards may take a while but as taking the plunge heard if your account was metal then even transactions whilst awaiting card was treated as metal and still got cashback. Does seem a bit pointless to upgrade to premium only to upgrade to metal but having seen the cards willing to jump through the hoops. Cashback for non europe travel should pay for costs.

How long have you been Premium? I don’t know why you don’t see any upgrade option. So you’re saying that in the More screen there is no selectable option to Upgrade (to Metal) in the top left? That sounds odd.

And yes, even though you can’t yet order the actual card you will get the Metal benefits including cashback even while using a Basic card. You just won’t have that shiny metal card to flash at people.

Have you updated the app to the latest version?

looked on website and seemed fairly straightforward (if a little bizarre) that you upgrade to premium to be eligable for metal then upgrade to metal and any difference calculated in subscription. Only just upgraded and paid the annual fees and wondering how long before metal option available. Get very nice message that although cards out of stock metal users still enjoy benefits. Unfortunately no option to upgrade, may just take time for server to register. hence original question, no point in receiving sexy rose/black card in 2 days if metal to follow.

Currently on version 5.13, seems to be latest I think.

iOS is 5.14.

I would do this: make sure it’s the latest version. Log out and in again. Delete and reinstall the app. If Metal is still not available, ask support why it’s not available for you.

Nope, uninstalled and reinstalled still on 5.13. just seems really strange to offer a product then say you can register an interest until new cards come in and then decide if you want to sign up. I want to sign up and start getting benefits now for impending spends. Who knows by time new cards come in I might just be downgrading to standard again! Thanks to all for assistance/help.

Have you talked to support?

All, just for completeness, not sure where the glitch was but metal now available as an option on premium. Not able to get the card but can still get the benefits whilst waiting for new batch of cards.

long story short I am now a Metal user and just awaiting cards. thanks to all.

Did you manage to order your new Metal card? I was unable to - an iOS user - constantly receiving an error message talking about being out of stock due to “insane” popularity. I contact Customer Support in-app yesterday asking to cancel my Metal subscription. They obviously did something; I was asked to try to order my card again in-app which was successful. Today I received DHL shipping information; apparently it’s in Prague at the moment.

Good for you mate! Im speaking to them in the chat right now and Im only getting the copy-paste “the cards are coming in a few weeks!” Answer that they’ve been saying for 2 months now…

Hi there!

We’re moving fast! :muscle:

From next week we will be upgrading the first thousands from the waiting list, and then on-boarding customers every week from there! :pray:


Seems like metal cards are incredible popular. Good for R :sunglasses:

Gotta be honest I can wait for the actual card. Travel a lot outside europe so already benefitting from cashback whilst using blue card. First month has paid for 3 months premium rates so very happy so far. Will get the metal card when they are available as think they look awesome but it was the benefits I was after. :sunglasses:


Refreshing to see someone happy and not complaining 'cause there is a small glitch and/or have to wait a little bit for something.
Thank you for that :pray:


What happens if i order a metal card and then pay for 1-2 months then cancel and become a free user? Will i still be able to use the card?

You will need to pay a 30€ fee for termination if you pay monthly.
If you already paid the 12 months you wont be able to get anything back.

In both cases you’re able to keep and use your metal card but without cashback or other services.

Its strange how me and my gf are both premium users and then we both signed for metal at the same time and I have 3k+ before me in a queue while she has 50k! How is that working and how fast the queue will be moving?