Mastercard vs Visa


I want to swap my Mastercard for Visa. What do I need to do? Any costs involved?


Hi there,

May I ask what’s the reason for that?
And to answer your question, you can try to order a new physical card in your app and if it shows MasterCard there, you’ll get an MC card. If not, reach out to Revolut support beforehand, and ask them to send an MC and not a Visa( it’s random, my first card was MC, second was Visa)
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Does the app on your phone show MC or Visa when you order a new card?


Yes it does before you click next.
Sadly I can’t show it to you as I already have 2 cards, but let me try to get a screenshot from my girlfriend’s phone :slight_smile:

Edit: here’s a screenshot, she has a MC and Visa is showing up.


That’s not what I mean. But when you try and order a new standard card at any point, was it a MC or Visa?


When I tried to order my second card, that was Visa from the beginning, but my first card was MC. You can easily check what would be your next card if you would order one. If it says mc, it will be mc, if it says Visa then just contact support and they might be able to help you! :slight_smile:


I actually want a Visa lol.

But they won’t help you since I asked them already on 24th May. They won’t help you change MC to Visa or Visa or MC.


If you search forum you will find several posts about this.
I believe your card type is dependent on the issuer for your country. You are not given the option of choosing visa or MC but Revolut have said this feature is incoming.


MasterCard for every one was only in the beginning. After they purchase visa license the MasterCard became only for premium members.


But when you’re trying to order a second card, what is the option it gives you?


That’s a bit false, as my colleauge and her wife ordered a card and they both received MC, but my colleauge’s mom and my mom received a Visa, and my girlfriend also received a MC, the cards were ordered within couple days apart.


Now I have 1 Mastercard and 2 Visas and I want one Maestro card. :rofl:


As far as I know you’re only capable to use 2 physical cards at once. (?) (I’d like a Maestro too ,though :smiley: )


Yeah, but I have three. :joy:


You’re a wizard, Harry.



Revolut’s official statement about this that both Visa and Mastercards are issued randomly, based on availability at the time. But like you mentioned, the app will show you the type of card before ordering.

(All premium design cards are Mastercards, I believe.)

Fun fact: even disposable cards seem to have changed from Mastercard to Visa.


Revolut “replaced” faulty cards for customers that caused problems with TfL. That is how users can have more than two cards. They did not ask customers to destroy one of their cards if they had already two active cards.


Yep, I know about that because they’ve sent me a new one too, but that fills up my 2 slots :slight_smile:
This is still some wizardry imho hahaha


Too bad that you hadn’t had two cards before. At least you got a 2nd card for free this way.


Yup, can’t really complain. I’m covered if something happens with one of my cards.
(I have an overkill selection of cards though… 2 Revolut cards, 2 cards for my regular bank account, 1 N26(which is capable of ApplePay), and 1 TransferWise on the way…lol ah and I also have a .Boon account)image