Mastercard vs Visa


That is not true. I still see only MC as a standard card.


MC only.

Visa is the only thing I need to be covered for fee-free. Wished I joined Revolut now instead of before. I have fee-free MCs with other banks already. And I’ll be using theirs over Revolut’s. Visa would make Revolut unique for me.


I check everyday at random times, it’s always been MC.


@AndreasK How does it work? Is it random? :grimacing:


Ah, I’m sorry, have you tried logging out / deleteing the app, then logging back after reinstall? (Dumb idea, but works wonders sometimes) :smiley:
Worth a shot I guess, just make sure you have access to your phone number for the verification code etc.
If all else fails, @AndreasK might be able to help you out, as you have provided a business justification for Visa. :slight_smile:


What do you mean about fee free? In fx?


It depends on your coutry. Currently some countries are MC, others are Visa. For me in Portugal is Visa only


Tried logging out and in, doesn’t work. I’ll be very surprised if AndreasK can help me with this since the app chat failed to do this.


I’m from the UK, so MC and Visa are both issued here.


According to other forum threads, for a few months now UK is MC only


Strange. I was in the UK this week and my colleagues who signed up for Revolut were only able to request a Visa. I also saw many people paying with Revolut Visas but never saw a Mastercard apart from mine…

I wish I’m wrong but I have the impression that after the huge investment made by Visa on Revolut, there will be a major flip and sooner or later all Revolut cards will be Visa (unlike other fintechs that mostly rely on Mastercard). I would love if Revolut continued issuing Mastercard and Maestro in some markets and even let users choose, that would be great.


That is the official statement. Int he near future, users should be able to choose.

Also, the upcoming metal card is going to be a Mastercard.


Yeah I’ve just seen about the metal card. That’s good then, letting users choose is a key differentiator!


Hi. Thanks
Visa has a broader use in Portugal compared to Mastercard.
I also have another revolut type card, which is also Mastercard, with same issue (but as they dont have visa I’ll much more the new revolut card instead of theirs. If both continue as mastercard, I prefer the oter localy, as I get moneyback rewards


Visa vs Mastercard in Portugal is a non issue since anywhere one of them is accepted, the other also is, so acceptance is 100% equal


Card type is random and based on availability. You will be able to choose between them in the near future.


I don’t believe this, as I check almost everyday since March when I try and order a standard card. it’s always been MC. Always.


Availability? What does that even mean? You can’t make one based on preference because?


I think this answers your question! :slight_smile:


For me Visa only. Mastercard only for premium.