make virtual card super readable + copy/paste number

I had mine put into google pay
Simple enter the 3 digit into chrome, and the rest are filled by chrome

Works in many apps too

+1 for better readability and “Copy”. The virtual cards look inactive.

Great idea that would make it much better!

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Great idea, I have had this issue too.

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+1 to this idea. It hard to deal with the virtual card without a copy function.


Bump! Card number copying is long needed… +1

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Do this, MBWay already does it, and it’s super practical

Would be great to have copy&paste for the physical card as well.

Btw: My virtual card has a blue background with white numbers. So seems to be better readable now, but still +1 for copy & paste feature.

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Yeah. Copy & paste would be a great option.

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I think Revolut is not listening to this request. We are waiting since 10 month!!! Revolut could fix this within a single day to make us more happy … this is not rocket science …
However … still a great product!


Who made the call to prioritise making the cards 3D instead of adding the most basic feature, the ability to copy your card numbers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::triumph:


Really waiting for this feature, should be very easy to implement.

Revolut, are you reading what your users are posting here in your community?

Don’t think so.

— 20c

They do. Of course. If you would invest the time, you could find out how numerous changes and developments were influenced by feedback since 2015.

Not responding here or not telling you what their priorities are doesn’t mean they don’t track feedback.

+1, it would be pretty cool to have it for the card number, however please do not allow copying CVV/Exp date.

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There are 112 likes on the first post, so obviously this is something many - if not everyone - would like to have. To implement this should be a piece of cake. We call those features quick wins. I don’t get it why we see 0 reaction of :r: staff here.


This should be possible since a long time