make virtual card super readable + copy/paste number


Since a virtual card exists only on the screen it’s kind of dumb that you can only see it in a scaled down version AND greyed out. Makes some numbers very hard to read, in fact generally it looks like it’s not meant to be read at all.


  1. the card should not be greyed out but full colour and with a different colour / pattern to show that it’s a virtual card;

  2. when you tap on the card it goes full screen in landscape format to make it super readable;

  3. you can also hold your finger on the card number so as to be able to copy it and then paste it into another application. It’s kind of stupid to have to go back and forth between apps or have to write the number down on a piece of paper in order to enter it in another application;



Great idea. I fully support it.


100% Why is there no copy for card number???


I definitly support this Idea too! Especially with the new disposal cards since there’s no way to remember all numbers everytime again except writing it down by hand… Maybe @rafael_revolut @olga_revolut @AndreasK could give this Idea to the dev team :slight_smile:


Was supposed to be fixed several months ago


I created my first virtual card this week and noticed exactly the same problem. It needs to be fixed, at the very least to avoid discrimination against partially-sighted users, which would breach the Equality Act 2010.


I suggested the copy feature a while ago but to no avail. Hopefully someone at Revolut can look at this thread instead.

@AndreasK ?

Here’s my thread:


+1 for copy/paste functionality


+1 on this, too hard to read


+1 Definitely something that must be added!


yes please!!! It is especially annoying when you switch between the browser app and Revolut, that you have to re-auth again in Revolut.


+1 that must be added!


+1 maybe even better would be to have a option in the ··· drop down menu to copy the number automatically (not sure if it’s possible in smartphones)
Keep the good work Revolut ! :smiley:


Yes, a Copy and Paste would be useful.


Already wrote it here COPY CARD NUMBER in app
Revolut officially declined this request because of safety of sensitive data so It won’t come .


The alternative is to write up the number in Notes, which is far less secure, and copy from there.

+1 on this feature


+1: very good idea, a must to have!