make virtual card super readable + copy/paste number

So true. Unfortunately, the average security “specialist” doesn’t understand this concept.

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You mean the virtual card? or the physical?

Me too, both physical and virtual, but in my experience Google’s solution is not super reliable, esp. if website does not conform 100% to Google’s view on what a “real” SSL certificate should be. I think 1Password kan do the same and store encrypted credit card details

+1 for cars details copy-paste. It’ll be super handy. :+1:

I’m currently using my Google Pay saved cards in order to complete the card details by entering its CCV. It works flawlessly, but clutters the transactions since this counts as authorization from Google.

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+1 for the copy!
i had to take a screenshot and then “semi switch apps” to read the number from the photo. if you have an iphone you know what i mean.

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That was my first thought of an improvement idea after started using this platform. I’d really like to see the details better, and the copy function could be handy too. :slightly_smiling_face:

They say it cannot be done because technically the credit card you see is an image, and even Revolut does not store the numbers on their side. The only way to do this would be to use OCR on the card numbers, which is using ocra10 font, it’s technically doable.

The new beta app gives us the ability to copy the card numbers. Also it hides all the numbers by default and we can see them by scanning our fingerprint.


I have the same beta version. Great improvement :r:

Not sure if I like this. The app is already protected, seems just like an inconvenience, no? Also, how does it work, tap, choose copy + fingerprint to copy number, then tap choose show details + fingerprint to show CVV?


I think that it is a bug that you have to use biometrics twice. I usually use show and after this copy. It could be better, but for me it is good step.

You tap the card and those two options appear. Select view card number to instantly see your card’s numbers (without biometrics, this was a bug) or select copy to instantly copy the card’s number. It’s a neat protection for those who may be over your shoulder and want to steal your info. I like It.

In version 6.13 card details are hidden and can be revealed by entering PIN or identifying with fingerprint. You can also copy-paste the card number.

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I received 6.13 on my iPhone today and I don’t have this option.

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Available on Android. Authentication the first time was through an email sent to the registered address with a link that then opened the app. Plus fingerprint.

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I have just updated to 6.17.1 on my iPhone (iOS 10.3.4) any I also don’t have this feature. Well I have the hidden details but when I tap on the card image it offers me some empty options + cancel. Should it ask me for a PIN? Because it doesn’t.

Maybe you need to update your iOS to a more recent version.