Maestro for Google Pay in Germany

Ok, strange. With me it did work well.

When you did, the loophole was probably still open? Have read several post on their community that people outside UK had it working, but after using a new device (or fresh install) were not able to use Curve through GooglePay for in-store payments anymore.

That must’ve been it (may '18). I let all my payments go through Curve first, with Google Pay, also with in-store payements. It still works fine.
You may have saved me with DiPocket! Can’t even express my gratitude good enough. Strange acceptance procedure though. Not very trustworthy feeling one does get (and that even with my partly Polish ancestry :upside_down_face: ).

That is not possible. In May 2018 Curve did not support GooglePay yet (it was launched in November 2019), for in-store/NFC payments. So the loophole (being able to add the Curve card to GooglePay for NFC-payments for Non-UK customers) existed for a couple of days in November/December 2019.

I am a DiPocket customer for quite a longtime, so don’t remember what I needed to do at registration. But I have been using them for quite a while now, without any problems.

Well registration began quite straight forward with name, adress, phone#, selfie and picture of front of ID. But then they kept on giving errors and saying acceptance failed and asked the obvious follow ups: photo of back-side of ID, picture ‘proof’ of adress, and more. But time and again with acceptance error and additional things, instead of doing this from the beginning straght forward.
Anyway, my virtual Mastercard is already accepted by Google Pay so THANKS!!!


I’m a new user/client from Germany.
How can I order a Maestro Card? Where will I find the menu/order-function?
Thanks, Chrisi

Go to Cards section, tap on plus icon, then Debit card:

Material: Plastic, Color: standard, Type: Maestro.

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Are there any updates on this matter?
I’m still unable to add my Belgian Maestro to Google Pay, and I suspect it’s the same in the Netherlands. Mastercard works fine.

It’s been enabled in Germany for years. I have been using Maestro in Google Pay for a year now in the Netherlands.
so it works here.

Thanks for the response.
Looks like it’s only not working in Belgium then.

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You can swap location to any EU country without any address check iirc. Just “move to the Nederlands” and then “move back”

This trick only works if you want app features that are specific to a country.
I requested my Maestro card in Belgium, and Revolut knows that even if I were to swap locations.
I know for sure, because my Mastercard was issued in Hungary. When I moved to Belgium, Google Pay was already supported here but I couldn’t use it with the card until it became available in Hungary too, even though my address is in Belgium.