Maestro for Google Pay in Germany

In general, most places accept Mastercard (and VISA) and few places (only) accept Maestro, nowadays. This was different even 2 years ago but a lot has changed. There are however a few, some large, brands that still don’t accept Mastercard (nor VISA) but even those are testing yet for introduction later this year. For instance, earlier named branches Albert Heijn and Jumbo:

In steeds meer Jumbo winkels kun je met je creditcard betalen. Wij accepteren American Express, Visacard en Mastercard. Oók als je online boodschappen bestelt en ophaalt bij een Pick Up Point kun je met creditcard betalen.

Hoe betaal ik mijn boodschappen bij Albert Heijn in de winkel?
Je kan bij ons contant betalen of pinnen. Pinnen kan ook contactloos met je pinpas en met een Android telefoon met NFC-chip of met Apple Pay in onze Nederlandse winkels. Dit werkt net zoals contactloos betalen met je bankpas, alleen gebruik je bijvoorbeeld je iPhone of Apple Watch.
In sommige winkels kan je met je creditcard of buitenlandse pre-paid debetkaart betalen:
de winkels op Schiphol, veel stationswinkels, de winkel achter het paleis op de Dam in Amsterdam en de winkel aan de Weteringschans in Amsterdam. Bij alle andere winkels kan dit niet.
Heb je een buitenlandse bankpas met het Maestro logo of het V-Pay logo? Met deze pas kan je wel bij al onze winkels afrekenen.
Digitaal betalen zit momenteel in de testfase en kan in enkele winkels.

No nonsense at all! Try paying with MasterCard or Visa in smaller shops (lokale groenteboer, bakker, kapper) or outside Amsterdam (and other big cities).

This is still the other way around. Most places only accept Maestro, few places accept MasterCard/VISA.

Do you know if Curve and Transferwise still use a UK BIN? (so I’ll immediately replace them now! :wink:).

Nope, if you are living outside the UK you will not receive a Curve Card with a UK BIN anymore.

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Well that’s not my experience, at least in the big city’s. Also, many shops are now replacing their PIN machines (and contracts) and I suspect (but will ask) that the new ones accept Mastercard (and VISA) too because that’s what I see when they first wheren’t working with my Google Pay (Mastercard & VISA) and after replacement they did.

I rest my case…

I’m really getting extremely agitated about this still unexplained absense of Google Pay from The Netherlands :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah but they are the ones who replace their machines/contracts the last. And still, in my experience, transformation and acceptance is gaining fast!

Replacing machines is not the only thing that is needed for acceptance of MasterCard and Visa. Also change of contracts is needed. For a local shop in a village being able to accept Visa and MasterCard is not interesting at all.

I think you’re thinking in the old demographics. With so many ex-pats/foreigners now, there is a strong incentive to accept clients, even in the countryside.

Same for Transferwise?
And do you know anything about Google Pay eventually coming to The Netherlands?

Sorry, I am not convinced the incentive is that strong for them.

Don’t know about TransferWise.
I am living in the Netherlands but already have cards on GooglePay and am paying with it in shops. So I am not really bothered about an official introduction (don’t know about it either).

Well I live in The Netherlands and use Google Pay. However you scared the hell out of me by saying G Pay will stop with a new Revolut Card, since I have to renew in june and that would be the end for me accept both my Curve and TransferWise still work with G Pay. Obviously, they’le have to be renewed one day too.

Have a look at DiPocket. Works with GooglePay and will remain working after replacement of the card.

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Btw…If for some reason you have to reset GooglePay, it won’t be possible to readd your current Curve card to GooglePay (even if your Curve card has a UK bin). Being able to add your Curve Card to GooglePay, whilst not living in UK was a temporary loophole.

I think I’m in some sort of ‘strange’ situation with Google Pay since I have somehow 3 identities (2 US, 1 NL) which possibly occurred because I had very early on Google Wallet.
So I have a working Google Pay by downloading the .apk because my Google Play won’t let me. However, when I download a newer Google Pay .apk, it works :slightly_smiling_face:
But I don’t know what you precisely mean by reset.
I have however successfully changed phones with Google Pay …

If you have to change phones, you will not be able to readd your current Curve card to GooglePay on the new phone. That is one example of a ‘reset’ (fresh install after a phone crash is another example).
I also have to sideload the GooglePay APK.

I don’t understand. I don’t have to read my Curve Card since it is stored online at Google Pay (

When I do a fresh install of GooglePay (on a new device) I have to re-add all my cards (even though they are stored online, also for me) and do the advanced verification for the in-store payment again (the latter will not succeed for your current Curve card).
I am 100% sure, that if you install GooglePay on a new NFC supported device, you might be able to choose your cards from a list (stored at, but you always have to do the advanced verification for in-store/NFC payments (again), that is (also) because a new virtual bankaccount needs to be created (that is different than the one on your previous device).