Maestro for Google Pay in Germany



Your beloved competitor N26 has forgotten to enable the Maestro Card for Google Pay.
It would be great if this works on release with the Revolut Maestro Card. The acceptance of Maestro cards is still significantly better than Mastercard/Visa. :kissing_heart:


For contactless? I‘m not able to name a single merchant that accepts contactless Maestro but not Matercard in Germany. That does not have to mean anything, of course.


In my country, if merchant have POS it accepts everything (i’m talking about common cards like Maestro/Mastercard/Maestro/Visa/Visa electron). They don’t look at your card at all. It can be from any country/bank. Contactless or PIN method - no difference. If you have money on your card, you can buy things. :slight_smile:


For example, the majority of PENNY stores only support Maestro. There are also many smaller shops.


Aren’t they going to accept Amex in 2018, as a side effect of Rewe Group’s decision to add them to Payback? Wouldn’t it be strange to accept Amex but not MC/Visa?

For smaller shops, Girocard would make a difference, but Maestro?


that’s due to Google pay requiring “Tokenization”, as it does not transmit the card-details but only a token when paying… (and this shall not be possible with maestro)

pls. see for more details (use for translations if need be)


Maestro is supported by Google Pay.


I’ll try that!
Yesterday I added my virtual Visa – fail – and MasterCard (only accepted for online shopping). Both times I got the info that my bank doesn’t support that properly.

However, the transactions for verification arrived in my :r: account.

Did you try it?



Sry, Screenshot doesn’t say “you can use your maestro card”, but “you can use google pay where you see the maestro-logo”…

i’m not happy with google’s approach, neither… but it is what it is… :-/


Ehm, so what is that?


The screenshot is most likely from KBCs Belgium website (the Irish website looks differently). KBC Belgium says Apple Pay / Google Pay works with their latest contactless debit card. That would be a Maestro. Other Belgium banks with Maestro integration for Google Pay: BNPPF, Hello Bank, Fintro.


Maestro works 100% with Google Pay. The bank has to enable that feature. I just want to make sure Revolut doesn’t forget that, because the card is only available in specific regions.


Basically every card (Visa/MasterCard/Maestro) works with Apple Pay & Google Pay. When Revolut adds the functionality for one of their issued card, they will enable them for all types.


Ok, i believed the report from heise about the tokenization…
Apparently, that works for all other countries…


Maestro and Girocard are two different card schemes.
Maestro is implemented with limited functionality on most Girocards. Fully featured Maestro cards like Revolut and N26 are almost the same like Mastercard Debit and support all features.


Many Maestro Cards doesn’t support the Token Security System, in Germany


These cards are Girocards with a second limited Maestro Application on it.


Ok. The Revolut Mastercard works great with Google Pay but please unlock Maestro @Revolut


Maestro Card are now working with Google Pay. :+1: :clap: :fireworks: :partying_face:

Thank You!


I’ll try that asap!
My MC is in already – yet not used.