List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

Hmm so the page listed here doesn’t show me the ATMs from at least two different banking companies and several in store ATMs that belong to a chain of ATMs.

The simple page doesn’t even list a single ATM in town.

And then there is the idea of ATMs that are collected by crowd sourcing here. For how long should those ATMs remain in the list? I mean what benefit do I have from a list with entries that are 10years old (yes I know non ATM mentioned here is that long in this thread) but I would like to raise my voice and mention the problem that this list needs constantly validated.
If Revolut puts such a list in their app even wit the clear mentioning that they do not validated it and that they do not give a warranty that those information are up to date… people will get pissed off because they have to pay a fee on one of those ATMs be abuse the owner changed his mind.

After a month in NZ I’m now back to cold and misty London. Here’s the list of banks/ATMs I used in NZ:
Westpac - no fees, all withdrawals successful, no problems at all - number one for me
ANZ - 3 nzd fee (around £1.8) regardless of the amount
Kiwibank - no fees but a much smaller ATM network compared to Westpac or ANZ
BNZ - withdrawals declined all the time
ASB - withdrawals declined all the time
NBS - withdrawals declined all the time

Hope this helps


I’m also back from NZ.

Had similar issues but at the ended up withdrawing money from Westpac and paying with Revolut whenever credit card payments didn’t had additional fees.


None of Italian ATMs charge any withdrawal fee :")

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No fee at HSBC in Philippines and I believe can withdraw upto PHP40000 a day but there are not many HSBC around

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Came back from Morocco, withdrawals from all ATMs I used are free (Banque populaire, BMCE, Credit Agricole).

Hong Kong: Citibank

New Zealand: Westpac

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My little experience last week…arriving in Wellington airport…only one BNZ ATM asking 10 NZ$ for withdrawal !..Downtown I made it from ANZ for 3 NZ$ as I had no time to check too many other possibilities

Hi, my little experience as well in Seoul in South Korea :
Atm at the airport close to money exchange store : 3600W asked for 100000W requested.
Atm KB star : 0W asked

I am currently in Connecticut and New York, USA

Wells Fargo Bank - no fees, great ATMs, great Coverage

Chase - 7$ fee, only in cities

BoA - 6$ fee, good coverage

TD Bank - 6$ fee, good coverage

Key Bank, Peoples Bank, Union Bank - declined card

Thank you (Merci), I will test and give feedback if needed.

State Bank of India (SBI) has no fee and also has INR100 notes frequently loaded inside. Choose account type “current” or it won’t work. The rejection of currency conversion is tricky and you must observe the entire screen.
All other atms I tried levy INR230 fee and have only INR500 and INR2000 notes (good luck getting change from the latter…).
All atms are limited to INR 10000.


Do you know if in edinburgh airport there ara atm that do not charge any fee with revolut card? the mastercad site and at the edinburgh airport site says that atm do not charge any fee provided the card is a uk domestic card, is revolut card a domestic uk card? and at the mastercard site, the option “no acces fee within country” applies to revolut card? those atm shows with this option are free of charge? thanks,

Nobody has been to Japan?

No regular bank ATMs will charge you a fee in SEPA zone, including UK.

I believe there are ATMs in Germany that might charge you a fee or limit the withdrawal for Mastercards.

The card issuing bank could charge you (the same as Revolut) but no regular bank ATM should charge you, this is againsts EU SEPA regulation.

Anywhere else outside of SEPA, both the card issuing bank and the institution operating the ATM could charge you.

Well, I don’t know. The situation in Germany right now is that most ATMs are operated by Sparkasse. Private banks build service networks and allow customers from competing banks to use their ATMs without fees just to be competitive.

Example: as a customer of Deutsche Bank one could use the ATMs from Commerzbank. But a customer who’s bank is not a member of the “cash group” service network would have to pay a fee for any withdrawal.

I am not saying that withdrawals are not regulated like you said, but I would be interested in a link to the regulation text to look into it further. Because that would mean that all German banks violate this regulation.

Different, but connected: I believe Mastercard and Visa might regulate bank ATM fees in their license agreements. As long as an ATM shows the MC / Visa brand, an ATM operator has to follow these terms. That is the reason why some German banks stopped to accept some cards completely.

I meant to say that in SEPA area, only your card issuer is allowed to charge you, but not the bank or institution whose ATM you are using for withdrawal.

So say you’re a Sparkasse client - Sparkasse could charge you for using the Commerzbank ATM but the Commerzbank can’t charge you for the fact that you’re withdrawing money from their ATM. Equally, a Commerzbank can charge their clients for using a Sparkasse ATM, but Sparkasse can’t charge that customer for having used their ATM.

Only card issuer charges, i.e your bank/financial institution charges (fixed fee/%fee/currency conversion fee) are authorized in SEPA, you can’t be charged twice for withdrawal by both your bank and the bank whose ATM you used.

There are few exceptions to this mainly concerning “specialized” ATM services, so not your regular commercial bank ATM services like certain independent, stand-alone or multicurrency ATMs.

The fee you pay as a non-member of the “group” as you said can exist, but the fee is then collected by your bank/card issuer and not directly by the ATM service provider (the two parties can later split the fee but that’s another story).

But if you’re going to the US or Asia or anywhere else, both your card issuer and bank operating the ATM can charge you.

Sounds reasonable to avoid a double charge. But the fees for non-customers using a “foreign” ATM are ATM operator fees, I believe.

They vary, from bank to bank. Most German banks don’t have a card issuer charge for withdrawals with debit cards (national Girocard network).

This is at least how it appears for customers. If the card issuing bank would charge for withdrawals at foreign ATMs, it would necessarily be stated in the terms and conditions for the debit card. It is not. But every German bank ATM has a little sticker next to it telling you the fees for non-customer cards.