List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

Withdrew some USD at Gatwick Airport using the MoneyCorp ATMs (think someone mentioned this tip on this thread) and it worked fine.

Trick was to press DO NOT CONVERT when it asks you, and lo and behold, no fee, crisp bills came out.

Was handy as a lot of ATMs in the USA charge their own transaction fee (i.e. regardless of whether you are using Revolut or not) so was good to get some peace of mind before even leaving the UK.

That’s handy to know as I’m flying to the USA from Gatwick on 31st of next month so I can take some $ out over here with no fees and then will have the cash limit reset again the day after

Malaysia: RHB bank doesn’t charge a fee.

Australia: National Bank of Australia - NAB

Guys, jetting off to New Zealand in a week. Does anyone know which banks best to use for ATM withdrawals ?

@Ratamon I used a rival prepaid NZD mastercard when I was there 2 years ago. Can’t remember being charged at all, or any other problems (very different to Oz where I had a quite a few problems).

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For USA get the Discover App

Any luck finding an ATM that doesn’t charge fees?


Croatia - Splitska Banka

No ATM in Croatia will charge you a fee (at least if you’re using the EEA-issued card).

Italy - Venice Marco Polo Travelex - free if you choose no conversion.

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Maybank no fees.

In New Zealand, BNZ and Westpack did not charge any fees.

Hmm so the page listed here doesn’t show me the ATMs from at least two different banking companies and several in store ATMs that belong to a chain of ATMs.

The simple page doesn’t even list a single ATM in town.

And then there is the idea of ATMs that are collected by crowd sourcing here. For how long should those ATMs remain in the list? I mean what benefit do I have from a list with entries that are 10years old (yes I know non ATM mentioned here is that long in this thread) but I would like to raise my voice and mention the problem that this list needs constantly validated.
If Revolut puts such a list in their app even wit the clear mentioning that they do not validated it and that they do not give a warranty that those information are up to date… people will get pissed off because they have to pay a fee on one of those ATMs be abuse the owner changed his mind.

After a month in NZ I’m now back to cold and misty London. Here’s the list of banks/ATMs I used in NZ:
Westpac - no fees, all withdrawals successful, no problems at all - number one for me
ANZ - 3 nzd fee (around £1.8) regardless of the amount
Kiwibank - no fees but a much smaller ATM network compared to Westpac or ANZ
BNZ - withdrawals declined all the time
ASB - withdrawals declined all the time
NBS - withdrawals declined all the time

Hope this helps


I’m also back from NZ.

Had similar issues but at the ended up withdrawing money from Westpac and paying with Revolut whenever credit card payments didn’t had additional fees.


None of Italian ATMs charge any withdrawal fee :")

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No fee at HSBC in Philippines and I believe can withdraw upto PHP40000 a day but there are not many HSBC around

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Came back from Morocco, withdrawals from all ATMs I used are free (Banque populaire, BMCE, Credit Agricole).

Hong Kong: Citibank

New Zealand: Westpac

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