Joint Accounts 2022

@Covalent5 Where are you stationed? How come youn can access Joint accounts? thanks :heart::zap:

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I am in Cyprus. Received an invite some time ago. Many people did, but depends where you are.


@Frank Thank you for sharing this information with us. It was indeed valuable :blush:

@Manaburner Hope this helped :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

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It did, yes. My biggest pain point currently is that this Joint account is not accessible via Open Banking. I hope that’s coming soon.
I also found out recently that “Split bill” is not available. Is that intentional?

My guess is that all features that live in different areas of the app, that aren’t “bundled up” tightly with the core functionality of the personal account itself, might take a while to implement. There’s a bigger potential to mess up the UX, or established paradigms within the app.

Revolut did figure out a way to handle this in Analytics and Cards. But it’s not sorted out yet for Wealth, Pockets and Group expenses.

What I’d like to see for Joint accounts is a reimbursement option. When someone paid something from the shared account by mistake, and wants to settle it with the personal account. And the other way around, moving over a personal transaction to the Joint account. Not a must have, but maybe a fun feature.

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finance fun :thinking:
You must be my type of :r: user :wink:


This is an old ‘New topic’. However nothing seems to happen.

Will Revolut ever create joint accounts?

For me after years waiting time is running out.

I’m slowly moving my account to an App based competitor.

Where, if we both have an account we can create a joint account within the App.

Why can’t this happen with Revolut?

This is in process of being launched just check the other thread which shows some people using them actively.

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