Joint Accounts 2022

Hi, I’m a long-term Revolut fan/user, but new to the community. I want to share my account with my wife. It’s now July '22 - is it still the case that the shared account concept is not available??

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Hello, this is also a feature I’m looking for.

Any roadmap for this?

Thank you,

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Hi @Bigordie and @Lderib :wave:

Happy to hear that you would like Revolut to offer joint accounts.
Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but we are always looking for ways to improve, so stay tuned :eyes:

Let’s see how many of you would like to have this at Revolut :question:

  • Yes, please!
  • Not really a need.

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The only reason we do not move all our banking to Revolut is this

We require 1 account that both me and my wife own to operate our household out of. I CANOT understand why this is hard to understand. Many if not most households operate much like a business in that there is 1 account with multiple holders and multiple sources of income. This topic has been raised multiple times on this forum, on your social media, etc. since at least 2018 I think was the first time I noted it.

We require; not just want, its a fundamental need in order to manage our banking correctly that we have a joint account … you have a Business Account system that already does all this … I know as I run my business on a Revolut account. I would even be willing to pay that fee your solutions are that much better than the horrible local banks we have to deal with here in Ireland. But until there is a means to have a proper joint account that I and my wife own and can operate with or without the other we CANOT change.

For note AIB and BOI are so horrible I would even pay the 300 or so you change to set up a business account to run the house out of if that was an option … it is that bad.

That is not an option and your alternatives are not sufficient so we are stuck with AIB atm for our household account needs


Oh sorry to hear it’s that bad in Ireland. Here in Luxembourg, thanks heaven, it’s not that bad.
But nevertheless looking forward to get the feature and move all my Bank activities to Revolut.



We have 3 real options and a couple pseudo bank options like the local post or credit unions to choose from here … and they know it

They all have horrible rates, worse apps and services and often have major issues messing up payroll, payment processing, etc.

I (and many others) would happily pay Revolt … or any other competent company a solid fee for proper banking. Revolt are you listening? you could dominate here with little effort … you only need be competent to over take the Irish market.

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Monzo just started testing Joint accounts in USA. I hope Revolut will beat Monzo as it did in other areas.


Agree, joint account is vital to be able to move fully to Revolut. If not then Revolut will have to remain the less important of the banks I use.