Irish IBAN

Looks like Ireland is to follow France and get localised Irish IBANs in the near future :tada:
This is something I know was mentioned a number of times in the media last year and should help to drive adoption, particularly with the upcoming departure of Ulster Bank and KBC.
I can see Revolut making a push for users to migrate their accounts over as these Ulster and KBC accounts start to close.
Why deal with the hassle of opening another bank account (because it is a hassle here) when you may already be a Revolut user and can have a local IBAN?
In addition, AFAIK the Revolut Standard plan would become one of the only, if not the only, free banking option - albeit will limitations.

Personally, I’ve had no issues with IBAN discrimination in Ireland.
Every utility / service provider I have used have accepted the LT IBAN, however in every case it has required download and printout of a written SEPA mandate so hopefully those days are coming to an end :crossed_fingers:t2:


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I don’t really want to move my IBAN back to Ireland, I already have one bank account in that country and the reason I chose revoult was because I was able to get an account in GB, then moved it to Lithuania, which is OK, but Ireland? I really don’t need another account in that country. Is there any way to keep an account in Lithuania?


I haven’t had any serious problems with my revolute, apart from an Irish airline refusing it.
I already have an Irish bank account I don’t really want or need another irish one, and I have concerns about it adding additional fees.


I hope to see one day spanish ibans too


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A :r: account with an Irish IBAN will give you numerous benefits! You will be able to get your salary, schedule direct debits, and pay utility bills as well :sunglasses:

With over two million customers in Ireland, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience :rocket:

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It would be nice to have a personal iban in Switzerland, and something that has been requested for a long time since iban discrimination often occurs. It would be important to keep the GB iban since having an SEE IBAN is always useful