Increasing top up limits without a P60 or payslips

Hi there can anyone help me, I have recently deposited a large amount into my Revolut account without realising there was a limit to deposits.

Now the amount is pending until I verify the source of my funds, but I’m unable to do this without a P60 or payslips. I run my own business and don’t have payslips or a P60.

Is there another way I can increase my deposit and withdrawal limits?

I contacted the online support 8 hours ago and they said they were transferring me to the correct department but I never heard back from them.

Any support here would be greatly appreciated as I could do with access to that large amount that is just sitting there in limbo.

UPDATE: Customer services finally got in touch with me and apologised saying that they are receiving a large number of requests and so response time is slow.

I had to send them a copy of my Coinbase account, a photo of my passport, a photo of me holding my passport, proof of income, and proof of the original deposit into Coinbase.

My funds were then released and my annual deposit limit raised to £25,000.

A little slow on their response but in the end they dealt with the problem very well.


I would use Twitter- the most efficient way to contact

Any luck getting it sorted Gkid? I’ve been waiting for a week still nothing

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately my deposit was from Coinbase, and it seems to be stuck in limbo, I can’t access it. I would love to transfer it back to Coinbase and just be done with the whole situation really.

I don’t suppose you know how I can transfer it back at all?

Thanks for the advice. I have now upgraded my account to Premium, for which I’m supposed to get preferential 24/7 support, but I still haven’t had a reply from anyone.

I’ve now taken your advice and contacted them via Twitter… Again no response.

Hi Gkid
I was going to to the same but decided to transfer everything back to my bank account. That took an hour before it appeared in my account. Have you tried to do this?
Legally they cannot hold your money indefinitely, my mother is a barrister I can get more details if you need and pm them to you. Are you on FB?

i have the same problem, waiting now for 5 days ! no response from support

Not sure what we can do. It’s very frustrating. My deposit is pretty large and I need access to it, so for nobody to get in touch is quite upsetting.

Have a looks at
You can make a complaint to them, I’ve been very happy with Revolut and used my card worldwide, never had a problem until now. I used the card for all my outgoings as it has a very useful ‘analytics’ section which gives me a full breakdown of my spending. It’s such a shame that online support are giving revolut such a bad name
Like you I’m self employed, I have an HSBC Premier bank account which under their T’s & C’s require a minimum of £50k to have a premier account. My bank has obtained information about me using credit agencies etc and I have supplied documents in person to verify my earnings and status.
I refuse to send sensitive financial information over the internet to people I have never met or spoken too. Asking for bank statements, legal agreements etc to be sent online could lead to major identity theft.
My bank would never ask me to send sensitive correspondence over the Internet.
Be careful!
Sadly I’m happy to cancel my membership with Revolut if they continue to ask for sensitive financial information, I have already sent copies stupidly of my bank statements, which have my address, bank account number and other. If those documents get in the wrong hands, my account could be compromised.
I am very worried, and am considering contacting the Financial Ombudsman Services for advice.

Seems like you’re having real trouble. I don’t mind sending my documents if I’m honest, perhaps that’s naive of me, but I simply don’t have a P60 or payslip.

I think I will give them until mid next week to hopefully resolve the situation, after that I will start complaint procedures with the relevant organisations, and possibly ask the FSSC for help recovering the funds.

Thanks again for the info.

You might want to google
Cyber Crime and the banking sector. Very worrying.
When these insiders abuse their privileged access or are compromised by external attackers, the valuable data is easily exposed. As banks continue to expand online and mobile access, they also expand the attack surface. As such, they must be vigilant against DDoS attacks and web application attacks such as credential stuffing.

We have seen numerous high-profile breaches against major financial services institutions in the last year, and the volume and complexity of the attacks are on the rise.

Criminals can send phishing emails or set up fake websites that dupe consumers into giving away sensitive financial data. They can also leverage information from social media sites to socially engineer their way into accounts via customer service.

For example, while it’s unclear of the exact nature of the recent Tesco attacks, one theory is that the hackers got their hands on customers’ debit card information, and then proceeded to use it in an automated attack which resulted in £2.5 million being taken from around 9,000 account holders.

Revolut are a good company and I’m not criticising them at all, however, what happens to all of our financial information that is requested in order to increase limits etc.
What happens once we release information into Cyberspace?
I do think revolut need to address this issue immediately before it’s too late and our bank accounts have been compromised by online bandits…

Would your bank ask you to send sensitive financial information over the Internet?
Once it’s out there, you leave yourself open to the people who make a living from unsuspecting people and establishments. Sadly cyber theft is a major problem in the banking world, and they are trying so hard to fight the escalating problem.
I use revolut for this reason.
Revolut is a cash card, not a banking card, therefore rather then release my bank details online, I buy things online using Revolut or PayPal. I have had to explain on the phone after extensive identity verification which also included a voice sensitive password to my bank what Revolut is because there were lots of transactions made to Revolut appearing on my statements.

Yes, through an encrypted connection. Also my government. And my phone company. And PayPal. And my employer. And my university. And my…

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But what happens once your info arrives?
I only give my bank statements and account details in person. Even my own bank (HSBC) would never ask me to send sensitive information to them. I have to make a visit in person to a branch. Can you imagine what could happen if that information was handed over to a company that you have difficulty getting a reasonable response to your questions? Where you have never spoken to on the phone and may never meet face to face. I just think that we are all entitled to have a speedy response when we release documents instead of being greeted with silence or an online robot!

I bet the people you send info to respond within 24hrs if they say they will! :upside_down_face:

Hey @Twilight62 :slight_smile:

In my bank, an employee photocopies the info/papers and hand them back to me. In my university, it’s another student (which is working there) who does it. And I have to trust they’re going to be professional and comply with the data protection laws.
(And, by the way, both of them take more than 1 day to answer, just as :r:)

On the other hand, when I send my docs to :r:, I didn’t meet them before, but electronic files are somehow easier to protect or guard electronically.

Additionally, let’s change your bank (HSBC) a little bit. In Spain, BSCH (aka Santander) offers an account which all of the information (everything) shall be supplied online. The same with BBVA. Whenever I apply for a scholarship, I do it online, all the info is sent online.
Even more, whenever someone is hired, all of the contract information is electronically sent to the govt.

This could as well happen with a physical entity (see, my govt or my university). And having physical presence will give you, in my opinion, no benefit at all when it comes to dispute resolution.

You’re entitled to a speedy response anytime, no matter when, when it comes to your money. :R: seems to be badly failing at that.

However, I don’t agree with you. Verifying documents take time and be sure that if I called my bank frequently during an account opening saying “hey did you check the documents yet? what are you doing with them? don’t do obscure things, I’m watching you!” they’d become quite irritated.

You’re very lucky and I wish you well in the future.
My bank (HSBC)have very stringent security checks. I’m also lucky as being a Premier client means I have 24/7 access to telephone banking whereby I can talk on the phone to ask anything that I need help with. I have voice recognition password which means I am connected to an associate immediately once I have cleared security.
Look I’m not crtisising REVOLUT
Over the last few years I’ve been very happy until now.
It’s been over a week that I have been waiting for a response to documents being sent. Perhaps some people accept this. When a company offer 24 hr response in the UK then they should at least try, the alternative is NOT to tell customers they will be contacted within a given time period

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By the way I opened an additional bank account over the phone, it took 20 minutes for the agent to run through security checks and verify my identity
In the UK there are three main credit reference agencies – Callcredit, Equifax and Experian. They work with building societies, banks, mobile phone companies and other major retailers to help those businesses make a quick and accurate decision
I think it’s different in Spain. These agents if you google them collate information from public files, they include your addresses, previous addresses, CCJs, bank accounts, mortgages and debts. If a person has a bad rating they cannot get a bank account.
Therefore I disagree

Hey @Twilight62 :slight_smile:

Agreed. I just said :r: fails badly at this.

I can do that in my bank in around ~4 minutes. Online, no phone, no fancy voice recognition. TFA and that’s it.

We have Experian, ASNEF/Equifax and BADEXCUG. So quite the same. But bad credit score is not the only thing :r: is checking for.