IBAN and bank transfer

How do I get the IBAN number of my new card ? How to do a bank transfer?

Hello @Lara :slight_smile:

To see the IBAN, you can do it in two ways:

First way

  • Click the settings icon on the top-left part of the app
  • Click the currency you want

Second way

  • Click the Top-up button
  • Click Bank account
  • Choose your currency

To make a bank transfer

  • Click Transactions (the purple bottom in the middle-down part)
  • Click Send
  • Click To Bank Account


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Found it! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi, first you need to set up an IBAN on Revolut.
Then you need to make a bank transfer (using this IBAN) from Revolut to
Once this goes through, you will be able to make a withdrawal from Coinbase
to your Revolut IBAN.
And no, you cannot transfer bitcoin to Revolut for now.

This top paragraph/text is from this guy on coinbase. I need more information on how to do this, like i can’t really find my way around. Would you please be able explain this on how to do the steps? Thanks

When you say click settings icon, which part is that on the app?

Hey @annoyedperson :slight_smile:

The top-left icon in the main screen. You can also see it from the More tab of the app, Profile, Account details :wink: