Transfer from US Bank Account


i have a bank account in the USA and i want to send USD into my revolut USD account but i am stuck in a loop. Revolut helpdesk says all the info required is that through the app, my bank Citigroup is requesting further info that i am unable to obtain, i need:

  • Account number of USD revolut
  • Intermediate bank Information, bank name and swift or ABA

also i need confirmation that the account i am sending money to is not actually in my name but rather Revolut.


Confirmation from who?

I don’t think :r: can provide letters to banks on an ad hoc basis.

I’ve blurred out my account reference number but you will need to locate your own reference number so that :r: can redirect the money sent to the pooled account to your :r: USD currency account.


and what is the bank account number the funds are going into? Also can they do a transfer without a US intermediary bank?


It uses SWIFT, which uses IBAN. Account numbers are used for ACH/ABA.

Not too sure about this.

Any particular reason why? FACTA will apply to US citizens regardless of intermediary banks.


Did you solve this issue ? US Bank’s still asking for US intermediary and ABA number or a SWIFT code with “US” code in it
Message was “The 5th and 6th characters of the SWIFT code must be U and S”


If you have a US back account can you not just top up with your US debit card?


You can but there will be a fee. It is different from eu cards which are free


what is the estimate fee for transferring from a US bank to Revolut to US account(i know it should be swift)?


Hello Revolut
We’re still stuck on this wire from US account issue
Will you shortly provide US routing number from your landing in USA ?