Money transfer

Hi, I am living in Hungary, and vill send money fron en luxembourg bank account. Is it possible? If it is, pleas tell me how i get yours BIC code and mine IBAN number.

If it’s in Euro, that’s possible.

Please see the attached post below. Click/tap the rightwards-facing triangle to expand content.

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Thank you @capital :slight_smile:

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Can someone please help. When I set up my revolut account, I saved the account details into my own Irish Bank account for an easy way to transfer money.
I didn’t use it for about a year and transfered money over about 2 weeks ago. I have since been informed by revolut that the bank account has since been closed (it was silly of me not to check the details but I assumed that I would have been informed of these changes).
I was assured that this money should bounce back, but I’m still waiting. No response from live chat since yesterday.

Can anyone help/advise?



Hi Sarah. The transfer will bounce back. Please allow time as it can take more than 10 working days.

Thanks, I will keep checking