I want to reopen an account on revolut and we can't once is terminated why??

I have the same problem here.

Hi! 2020 may and I have the same problem. I closed my account because my last name has changed with the meaning to open again with the new one, so long is not any other option in the app.
But now I can not open the account, after write my tlf and the pin I would like to have, comes a message about an error happend please try again later

@AndreasK Hello I need my old bank account statements for visa application. Could you please help me to reopen my account to get my statements?
Many thanks.

Dear all,

Please can somebody help me? I can’t access my account, the app doesn’t work, on TW I can’t send messages, on FB none is responding.
@AndreasK @henrikbjorn

I have no more information about my account because I can’t access anything…
Can you help me please?
Thank you

@AndreasK Hi I opened an account yesterday and I closed same as I thought if i was referred by a friend i would get a free card, I now wish to reopen my account using the same credentials
Can you help me please

I have the same issue


@Shanni I’m still waiting a reply shanni,

Contact Revolut at formalcomplaints@revolut.com or you can browse your google like ‘‘what is the email address for Revolut’’ I had the same issue but it’s solved now.

Hello! I accidentally deactivated my revolut account. Please, is there any chance i could reopen it? It is really important to me since i’m moving to another country in a few weeks. Please help me if possible, much thanks!

Dear Andreas, I have the same issue as we speak. I moved to the US and had previously set up my revolut account in Cyprus. I spoke to support and they told me since revolut launched in the US i should close my account and set up a new one. I did that and now everytime i go to place the number in the sign up page (even if i do different numbers) it says sorry something went wrong. Can you please help?

Hi Andreas, I have made a mistake of choosing the country of residence to UK instead of US, i have closed my account hoping i can correct that, but now it wont let me use my US phone number to reregister for an account, can you please help me to let me use my phone number again, thank you