I want to reopen an account on revolut and we can't once is terminated why??


I want to reopen an account on revolut and we can’t once is terminated why??


Anyone can answer this?


Hey Lady. I am not sure i understand the problem. Could you try and write it step by step?


I have closed my account recently. I downloaded the app again and tried to re-register (same number). For days all I get is: We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.


I do remember reading that it might be difficult opening an account if you had closed one earlier. You migh need to go through support.


Yes, but why is it difficult to reopen account or sign up again?
I can only choose “Changed your phone number?” or close the app.


I could easily imagine for legal reasons. I’d contact their support.


How? In-app support is not available.


Not available? In what way?


There is no option to contact support. I can only close the app or select “Changed your phone number?” which is not the case.





Could you please let me know why you would like to sign up again after terminating your account?


Hello, I would like to reopen my account too but I have the same error. Is there anything I can do ? Thanks


Just let @AndreasK know even if in private message why would you like to do that, and he’ll surely help you.


I opened an account 2 years ago but had no use for it, think it may be inactive? The app won’t accept my phone number. Have to travel quite a bit with work over the next few months so hoping to fully set up my revolut account. Any idea how I go about this? Can’t access help in the app, won’t allow me to get beyond the phone number stage


Makes sense, hmm, in that case, I’d suggest shooting them a message/ Tweet on Twitter.
@AndreasK can you check for him, please? :slight_smile: