I had to reinstall the app and now I cannot sign in

100% the same issue as Kate. It sucks.

I have 2 phone numbers and yes, it’s true I don’t remember which one I used.
But regardless, I tried both numbers, several times and 2 different smart phones and each time I get “sth has gone wrong please try later”. There is absolutely no way to contact support.
On the login screen there needs to be a support link to access support for the thousands of users who face this issue.
This is not OK for a company who claims to have a bank licence.
You cause lots of unnecessary stress for users, and frankly, FB, community, Twitter is NOT the way to sort this out, Andreas!


hi i am also unable to access my account via the app. ive been trying for a few days now and still not managing. could you kindly help please.

Hi, there. I have the same problem. I had to uninstall the app as I was sending my phone for repairs and now I cannot log in after reinstallation. The app only presents me with the screen for new users, there’s no “Sign In” option. Can you help?

Hi, I have the same problem here. Had to reinstall the app and now I cannot login anymore. Can you help? Cheers


I had to uninstall the app, then when I reinstalled it, now it requires me to sign up again. How can I use my existing account? I can’t send you a direct message as I just created my login here. I need to access my Revolut account asap, and there seems to be no way to access it through the app again. Please help me fix this asap. Thanks. It’s urgent.


I uninstalled the app, then when I reinstalled it, now it requires me to sign up again. How can I use my existing account? I need help urgently to log in my account and can’t find any way to send a message to anyone. Thanks for contacting me and resolving this asap.

I can’t do anything either. Yesterday I tried to top up as usual and it rejected several times.

Today, the error kept showing. So I uninstalled it, installed it again and now I can’t even log in. I just keep seeing pop-ups with errors and ‘try again later’.

I’ve tried to login at least 10 times and there’s simply no way. Just great.

Hi Andreas,

I have the same problem, I can no longer login to Revolut!

Please help.


Andreas, are you the person to go to with this type of problem? I’ve been unable to log in for over two months now - as described in my post from 23rd March. Can you please advise?

I have exactly the same issue.
Please someon help! Can’t access my money… X(

I am facing the same issue. Can someone please help me ASAP?

hi, i have the same problem, can you help?

Hello, I am having the same problem. When I am trying to log in, (I have deleted the app before) I receive a message that my ‘‘account’’ is with 0 euro, so they cannot confirm that it is me. how come? After creating the account, you must transfer money to it.

I am having same problem as Kate at the minute…I have pulled most my savings into revolut for trading stocks and now I can’t do nothing, I am losing my mind. Don’t need this coupled with Covid19
I have mouth to feed.
Please help asap!!

Same problem here. I’ve installed the latest app update and it seems that the issue appeared after I did that.

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