I cannot verify identity

I have the same problem as all the people who has wrote in the las 2 days. I hope that this is a temporary thing and the company help us because I’m not able to find a mail or something to ask them. If someone knows anything please let me know

Hi, also same issue. Looks like it is nothing new so please fix it already!

On android it gets stuck at “we need another document to support your identity verification” phase. The selections options are greyed out or permanently loading.

(First time it worked but then got an email that We couldn’t verify your ID although all pictures were good quality and now when I retry it gets stuck at the above mentioned step and no way to use in app chat to contact support)

Same problem here. Yesterday I tried to start an account at Revolut. Now I’m stuck at the identification step. It keeps loading in the app. Hopefuly someone at Revolut will fix this quickly.

I got stuck at this step in the sign-up process. I sent my pictures with my ID card, but got in return an email that they can’t verify my identity, probably because of the light reflection on the plastic ID card of something. I tried again to sign up, but the process get stuck at the page requesting another ID document, but the user interface doesn’t load, and I can’t upload anything. I reinstalled the app on my android phone. I tried another android phone. I restarted the phone. With no results so far. Anyone … please help.

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