HUF account opened but no top up?


I have made a few checks and…
I am sorry
Topping up HUF account by card is possible until you change card’s currency to HUF. (You can top up by card in any other currency). I know, it is not what you are waiting for…


I don’t want to top up from my revolut HUF balance, I want to top up from my Hungarian bank card directly.

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There will be a local announcement for this on Nov29th by Revolut. :slight_smile:



Let it be!! We are waitin sooo long


Well, noice. Anyways, I’m seeing much more possibilities with the progress of Transferwise at this time, hence why I’m sticking with them for a long time now.
I understand that we are not that important, but constant false promises are not feeling really well.
Same with Apple Pay. Soon, tomorrow, next year, this year, “wE nEvEr EvEn PrOmIsEd”, maybe for France, but maybe for everyone, our main priority is supplying you a bunch of useless stuff.

I apologise guys, I understand that you’re doing your job as best as you can, but you could be honest and stop with shitty promises which you can’t keep. Unacceptable.


Agree 100%!

Also got a transferwise card myself too during the long wait… It is free to receive, to topup, cheap convert to different currency 0.5-1% mostly,not free but free topup with HUF is limited and only available until February, if you can believe the written word :smirk:

HUF top-up with card payment

Yes, I agreed. But I would be more pleasure, if they take Gpay available for us.


yeah, that announcement did not work out, rather an average sales pitch. Someday HUF top-up and account may come, but till than Revolut will be unsuitable to replace a Hungarian current account. It’s a pity :disappointed_relieved: wanted to close my private Gránit bank account.
On the other hand TW has already 5 currencies with bank details and much more currencies altogether.


This topic started August 17. still no topup in huf = not economic for HUF owners to use Revolut. I invited quite many HU friends and this is very very dissapointing


There is nothing to do. Revolut never focusing on the members needs. They always keep they eye only on MONEY (and N26 and Monzo) :confused:

They will not solve this topup problem becaues they earn a lot of money with these f#ckin’ transaction fees -> HUF > EUR > HUF.

In the last survey - if you done it - they didn’t asked any idea from us. They dropped some unusable, comparison question about the other Fintech banks.

Here are sooooo many awesome ideas and feature sets in this Community site and nothing happens for a long-long time ago.

New features? ,Turn or-off the diagram" on wellcome screen. Boooom! And “Free” coffe at airports… only for the METAL members, and some insurance options. OMFR!

Check the videos on YT about RevRally. It sounds good, but the samaller ESSENTIAL features that really needs will never be implemented.

Guess how many developers are working for the Revolut?! And??? they are not able to add +1 new label or MyLabel option in the Analysis menu for years.

I’m a passionate and in LOVE with Revolut.
I’m also a developer (not at Rev.)… but I think shit happens in the background for developer hourly wage as expensive as F#CK :smiley:

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Use Curve card to top up. It’s great!

If Revolut doesn’t want the conversion fee…

Erdélyi László via Revolut Community (időpont: 2019. máj. 15., Sze, 15:37) ezt írta:


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Revolut community site is now promotion for Curve and for OTP Simple… Rev guys this is what you need?? These are also nice services surely just if 1 day somebody will offer all of these features as one single provider you will forget the rest… But this a free market viva la competition… by the way apple pay is also missing for more than 4 years… Time is ticking and winter is comig :grinning:


Spoiler alert: Winter is already gone, once we get Apple Pay, N26 will most likely follow :slight_smile: ( which I really love ever since I got myself a french card)


Not only that but also Transferwise as they offer more local, personal accounts e.g. for US$


I have Curve and Transferwise and they all sh#t with bigger fees.
Let’s try to top-up 500.000,- HUF and You will see the BIG “MAGIC”.

Basicly we have £2000 limit at Curve. But my card was rejected at IKEA. I wrote to Curve support and they said a big nothing. I did NOT reach any limit. As I can see the card is not working during bigger payments.

(Please don’t talk about smaller amount ~5.000,- HUF, because it also works for me).

And we can not make a HUF topup, nor HUF payment link with Revolut for Curve, Guys!!!
Only the OTP Simple!

Therefore you will have to convert EUR/GBP/USD… to HUF at least once if you use Curve.


Curve is not free, but the cheapest I tried with smaller amounts. I also tried to do a payment of 500k HUF that did not go through Curve, I checked their site and app for info, I only found that we have to have a history of payment before being able to do “limitless” payments. When using Curve for smaller amoiunts it costed me around ~0.4%. Anyone knows a cheaper solution, share it here.
Simple also worked for me earlier topping up 65k HUF multiply times, but a few months ago I tried and only worked for one 65k transaction per month.
These are the cheapest options I currently am aware of.

Will be glad to hear about alternatives as I really enjoy using my Rev card abroad and online for shopping!


@Laki @moricka

Because you haven’t read the terms of conditions. Free Curve users have a 400 GBP exchange limit in the past 30 days. Then above this amount the exchange fee is 2%. So 500 000 HUF is more beyond this limit.

A few days ago I topped up Revolut with EUR (~60 000 HUF, Curve proxy, OTP virtual card behind), then immediately exchanged it to HUF. The total cost of this double exchange was 22 HUF, it’s 0,037%. More than fair enough.

And of course don’t use Curve at weekends because - like Revolut - it has higher exchange rates. Revolut is better from this side: you can fill EUR/GBP/TRY/etc. pockets on weekdays to spend it on the weekend. You can’t do that with Curve, on the weekend you’ll pay more.


My IKEA spending would have been ~ 335 GBP (125.000, - HUF) and it would have been my first transaction at that month. That’s why I’m crying.
I tried to get some cashback from Curve. IKEA is available Retailer in the app.


HUF top-up is now working!