HUF account opened but no top up?


Understood, in case of PLN too.
That’s why I am topping up by my card.
It is instant and free.
I strongly recommend you the same.


Except that we can’t top up HUF by cards, hence this entire thread.


I don’t now how it works but I am able to top up my HUF account directly from my card


When scrolling to my HUF balance on the Accounts page, pressing the + button, then selecting HUF (to top up with), I get the above screenshot popping up immediately, telling me to do international bank transfer.


I have made a few checks and…
I am sorry
Topping up HUF account by card is possible until you change card’s currency to HUF. (You can top up by card in any other currency). I know, it is not what you are waiting for…


I don’t want to top up from my revolut HUF balance, I want to top up from my Hungarian bank card directly.


There will be a local announcement for this on Nov29th by Revolut. :slight_smile:



Let it be!! We are waitin sooo long


Well, noice. Anyways, I’m seeing much more possibilities with the progress of Transferwise at this time, hence why I’m sticking with them for a long time now.
I understand that we are not that important, but constant false promises are not feeling really well.
Same with Apple Pay. Soon, tomorrow, next year, this year, “wE nEvEr EvEn PrOmIsEd”, maybe for France, but maybe for everyone, our main priority is supplying you a bunch of useless stuff.

I apologise guys, I understand that you’re doing your job as best as you can, but you could be honest and stop with shitty promises which you can’t keep. Unacceptable.


Agree 100%!

Also got a transferwise card myself too during the long wait… It is free to receive, to topup, cheap convert to different currency 0.5-1% mostly,not free but free topup with HUF is limited and only available until February, if you can believe the written word :smirk:


Yes, I agreed. But I would be more pleasure, if they take Gpay available for us.


yeah, that announcement did not work out, rather an average sales pitch. Someday HUF top-up and account may come, but till than Revolut will be unsuitable to replace a Hungarian current account. It’s a pity :disappointed_relieved: wanted to close my private Gránit bank account.
On the other hand TW has already 5 currencies with bank details and much more currencies altogether.