HUF account opened but no top up?


HUF and 4-5 other currencies were added to Revolut. Cheers… But no top up availsbility and also no account number added. Any information when it will come? Actually why do you start with less functions?


Because it is enough for tourists from the UK and the eurozone ??? :roll_eyes:


PLN, RON are topup currencies…but you may have some right… but I see Revolut looks to create jobs all over Europe like in Budapest so probably so they look for some local clients as well…


The current situation with HUF is enough for those who have earnings in EUR or GBP. But for Hungarian residents with income in the HUF it is only half-service. Double conversion is still required. The benefit to the Hungarians is to eliminate the influence of course fluctuations, especially on the weekend.


Actually I’m happy even with this “half-service” as you said because my incomes are in EUR and USD so I can easily top-up the balance with EUR then exchange to HUF balance while getting rid of the HUF bank account (no foreign bank offered a bank account in HUF yet) and I don’t have to worry about the exchange rate mark-up during weekends either so I really welcome the initiative and I believe they will make the top-up available in HUF soon as well.



:man_facepalming: We can top-up using HUF too! Just go to the HUF balance and from there choose top-up!


I tried this from the beggining. I click from the HUF account to the top up button. Then i select bank card - it gives me 8 different currencies but not the HUF. I have the last IOS app version… Do you make stg else?


I’m using android but for me if I select HUF balance then I click on top-up it automatically shows HUF as the currency for top-up. I couldn’t try it because for some reason the app doesn’t allow me to add a new card in HUF but I will try tomorrow as support suggested. If you select the HUF balance and click on top-up by card which currency it shows for you by default?

Also do you live in Hungary? which is your based currency?


EUR and Austria… i try my wife’s android app… will report


probably thats the reason then. If your wife registered with a hungarian address try that. If not then ask the support how you can change the base currency from EUR to HUF.


I’m registered with a Hungarian address and I don’t have the option to top up in HUF using a debit or credit card. I’m using iOS…


My base ccy is EUR but i see 8 different ccys to top up from… maybe its iOS vs Android problem as well? By the way just checked HUF Revolut account arrived!!! Cheers. With bank transfer we can top up. I dont how can I send HUF from a HUF Hungarian bank account to a GB HUF account or at least what are the costs and speed. Will try now…


iternational swift transfer, might be expensive :frowning:


I cant add my HUF debit MC card as top up card to my wife Android Revolut app -so no success. Actually must be on her name the card?

In my iphone/ios still 8 card top up ccys no HUF…


And yes transfer cost are a lot. Esprcially just checked Erste Hungary’s costs it a horror. Even EUR SEPA transfer is 0.5%…


What error do you get when you try to add? “Oops, something went wrong” after you entered the address? This is what I’m getting when I try to add my HUF based debit card. I asked support and they told me they are aware and investigating it.


Yes the same! I thought its because the card is on my name… with support i dont bother would take forever


Dear @AndreasK @revolut. Revolut opens new currency account constantly which is a good news. But this doesnt follow the step to help to top up the account with good conditions - allowing to top with the ccy debit - or local account where you can transfer for low fee or 0 cost. Is a big cost attach to it or why dont you make these steps as well? I had 1 answer you better serve tourists from EUR GBP zones - i can see the point. At least the card top up you could solve please like I see in my case HUF but you have now several orher currencies…


Revolut probably did not notice the existence of some European countries ;-). Therefore, HUF or BGN or CZK or ISK support to residents of countries where these currencies are used is valid as a warm overcoat for the dead :-D.


@andras.szalkai Are you still having this issue with not being able to top up without the overhead of converting currencies?
This is a dealbreaker for me right now, as I’m a Hungarian citizen and resident.