HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


HUF & HRK will be added soon. The team is working on the final touches. :wink:


@AndreasK never communicated it this firm as he did now. So I guess chances are good now…


isn’t HUF already added? I’ve visited Hungary 2 weeks ago, opened wallet in HUF and made a withdrawal from the ATM there.


We’re talking about base currency. Topping up with bank cards.


@AndreasK, what about BGN?


Wow! Amazing news! :astonished: :clinking_glasses:


@AndreasK when are local accounts coming? Preferably for all users, not just ones from these countries.


This is what I understood is on the way, the possibility to have an account in HRK, with all that comes with it, like top ups and bank transfers in that currency.


That‘s two different things. The list of currencies that can be held is larger than the number of currencies that can be topped up with card.


True, but this is what this thread has been about all the time.


Apologies for the confusion then. I just wanted to clarify that card top ups do not necessarily come with the possibility to have an account.


No problem, I might be wrong with my understanding.


As far as i understand, Andreas is talking about having an account in HRK currency and ability to top up that HRK account directly with croatian kunas using croatian bank cards (without conversion). I guess that also include receiving kunas from other sources using my Revolut IBAN (for example friend want to send me money in HRK from his croatian IBAN to my Revolut IBAN).


Edimmax, this is exactly my understanding as well and this is how I understood the discussion in this thread. Lets hope this is Revoluts understanding as well…


Andreas confirmed this already a couple of posts back.


I just got my Revolut card today. I travel the Croatian coast and hinterland regularly in summer. Didn’t think that HRK is not covered by Revolut! Would be nice if you could change that before summer comes - please :grinning:


@AndreasK I hope that it’ll be “soon” other than in case of AP :joy::rofl:

Until the Summer- sounds good enough for me :slight_smile:

And WOW- this is an interview with Andreas :slight_smile:


Spot on :slight_smile:


Competition is also coming to Croatia…


hurry up :r:, please…