HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


I know there are some topics suggesting HRK as a native Revolut account but I think those were not so loud to be heard by Revolut!

Topping up account from our HRK accounts in Croatia to Revolut account in EUR (or any other currency) cause paying selling rate HRK>EUR and thus leaving our spending potential lower by Revolut card. (there is no motive at all to use Revolut instead of native Croatian bank’s card). Not only that, there is no even logic to use Revolut for travel because we can’t save any money because we already have a high cost of topping Revolut up. By not having native currency in Revolut app it is just an expensive card.

Croatian Revolut users - be loud and join this thread asking Revolut to introduce HRK account :grinning:

HRK available in business but not in regular Revolut. When? PSD2...
Croatian Kuns Account

I’m not Croatian user, but I am waiting for it too. I have asked a few times about it… Ones they even told me that it will be available within a few days… It was during the summer…I don’t know how many days passed in UK, but on the south it was even a few MONTHS :joy:

Maybe @AndreasK will say something more than “we’re working on it, it’ll be in couple of weeks” :joy: :rofl:"


I support the initiative. I just created and verified my Croatian account and will be watching this topic closely.


I am supporting the initiative, absolutely! All currencies of the European Union should be available: thus please add HRK and BGN! It should be a must!


HRK is definitely a must!!


Also in need of HRK account!


Same here, I would appreciate to have HRK added to the supported currencies.
Many thanks for considering.


@revolut @JamesRevolut please consider :slight_smile:


Come on peeps from @revolut , would you at least acknowledge this suggestion and officially tell us whether or not Revolut is planning to add HRK as a top-up and bank transfer currency? Even a simple “yes, we’re working on adding HRK but cannot tell you exactly when this is going to happen” or “no, this has not been considered so far” would be great.


I need HRK too. Without it the whole deal is just not as interesting to me. Waiting…


I second the idea.

I’ve been asking for this for a while. Just to give you an example of how I am losing money while waiting for it.

Today I went shopping (in Zagreb, Croatia) and spent around 100 EUR (in HRK, of course).

The exchange rate I got from Revolut (probably because of the Weekend rule):

Mid exchange rate according to Google:

Mid exchange rate according to HNB (Croatian National Bank):

So, on my purchases via my Revolut card I lost around 9 eur by not getting the mid-market exchange rate. In fact the rate I got is worse than today’s banks’ bid rate for EUR. So I would have fared better if I had gone to a bank with paper EUR and exchanged them to HRK.

Once I have the possibility of keeping an HRK balance this (not so small) expense will hopefully become unnecessary. I’ll be able to exchange EUR to HRK mid-week and spend that during weekends without incurring the significant “safety markup” that applies now.

Revolut, please make this happen :slight_smile:


I support this too! All currencies used within the EU should be supported.

I have sadly never been to croatia but one day i want to go there and of course i want to be able to exchange into HRK before that future trip :sunglasses:

I seriously hope :r: conciders this


I agree! I experienced a similar “Kafka situation” before 10/2017 with CZK.


Do you mean 9 HRK (1.2 EUR) and not 9 EUR?


I would appreciate to have HRK added to the supported currencies.
Many thanks for considering.


Do you have Twitter account?
Please ask them about HRK too…
You can share or add comment to my tweet or send your own.


I can see they are not too keen to answer :thinking:


Yeah, it would be nice to have Revolut’s team at least acknowledge this issue and state whether there’s HRK in the pipeline or not.


As you can see, they don’t want to tell more on Twitter… Maybe master of this forum will say something? Abracadabra hocus pocus @AndreasK can you materialize detailed answer in here? When HRK will appear in our revolut wallets?


This is an excellent idea, I know Revolut are busy but… could we at least get some acknowledgement and an idea of where HRK is in the priority stack? Like, is it the next currency to be added? The one after the next one? In place number three…?